Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celtic Knot Mystery Quilt - sew-a-long - July 1/09

My sewing group and I are joining Lynne on a sew-a-long mystery starting on her blog on July 1st, 2009. The title is "Celtic Knot" quilt and designed by Deborah Cohen. Thank you to Lynne and the designer, Deborah, for making this pattern available to us.

I have chosen my four colours - red, blue, gold and cream on cream (neutral). I've cut my squares (3") in preparation for July 1st. I'm ready to sew! Would you believe 1,849 squares altogether? Yup! I just finished and my rotary cutter is happy I'm done.

Above is a photo of my colours. The link to Lynne's blog is:

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  1. Hiya Mavis
    I followed your link over from Lynne's blog; your colors are lovely, specially that paisley-looking gold-tone. It looks like a great "focal" to tie in the other colors!
    I finished up 3 UFO's yesterday, and told myself if I finish up a WIP before Wednesday, I could join in Lynne's mystery! :0)
    I'll be excited to see how your fabric choices turn out! That'll be one LARGE quilt using 3" squares.
    -Amy (NW Wisconsin)