Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dayspring Farm B&B - July long weekend!

We had a full house last night at the B&B  Our guests were from Alberta and Cape Town, South Africa.  And they were together!  A young couple, originally from South Africa, now living in Alberta were doing a West Coast tour with his parents from Cape Town.   They stayed with us for one night and were outside for breakfast on our back deck:

Now they are off to catch the 10:00 a.m. ferry; and we begin the laundry and dishes in preparation for the next couple coming in tonight to the Queen Suite.

Soon, their sheets will be hanging on the clothesline and here's the quilt from the Queen Suite hanging outside in the fresh air:

I wish you could stand beneath this quilt and smell the heliotrope in those flower pots on the posts.  It's heavenly!!

Now I'm off to load the dishwasher and plan tomorrow's breakfast.  Maybe it will be Baked Blueberry French Toast or a repeat of today's Carrot Pancakes.  We'll see what they feel like.  Our next guests are just finishing off a backpacking trip before heading back to the states tomorrow.  Once the breakfast decisions are made and inventory of ingredients are taken and beds are made, then I hope to spend some more time in my quilt studio working on my Floribunda / Tea Rose quilt.

Happy Saturday friends!

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  1. What a lovely business to have; a B&B! I think I would love hosting such a thing...and breakfasts are my favorite meal and so easy to spiff up for company. I'll have to look the blog over and find more pictures of your home.