Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quilt Marathon Weekend - Day one!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and it will be day long quilting marathon for Pam and I.  Last year we did a Super Bowl Mystery Quilt (here) and tomorrow, while we won't be working on mystery quilts, we will be working on PIGS and UFOs (projects in grocery sacks and unfinished objects).  And no, we won't be watching the Super Bowl but it's a great excuse for a day long sewing marathon. 

But first...let me tell you about today's adventures.

My church quilting group met today for a day of quilting and crafting (crochet).  We are behind on our production of baby quilts for our newest members and we had some new talented ladies joining us today.  We sure know how to have fun.  Check it out:

Our dear Susannah is working on a gorgeous Teddy Bear quilt for a new little man in our congregation.  Too adorable for words don't you think?

Susannah working on quilting her quilt.

Denise's "tablecloth" quilt.  She shared a funny story about a near disaster with this quilt and told us that it almost ended up in the trash bin but managed to be salvaged.  Looks pretty good to me!

Nice warm fall colours.  Beautiful job Denise!

This block and others like it were originally destined for this quilt but will be finding another forever home.

Kara, one of our new members with Shirley working on Kara's first quilt.

Shirley and the fine art of hand applique.

The quilt that love built.  This is our group project/teaching project.  Many hands make light work and we almost had this done by the end of the day.  A true group project.  Susannah took the remaining applique blocks home to work on.  Then a nice border and it will be a quilt top.

Mary showing Trysta the fine art of crochet.

Denise busily working away on 9 patches for The Quilt that Love Built.

And me?  I'm behind the camera trying to capture all the fun and progress.  It was so great to have new friends added to our little sewing group.  After our last presentation to the babies at Church a few weeks ago, all of a sudden there was all this flurry of interest.

Until tomorrow!  (when the fun resumes and more pictures of progress on PIGS and UFOs are displayed here).



  1. Thank you, Mavis, for inviting us to join in all the fun of your sewing circle at the church! As I peeked out of your windows, I was amazed to see green leaves on the trees and grass on the ground. We are all snowy here in New England. Keep up the good work!

  2. Vic it was one of those days where you know Spring is just around the corner! It was cool but bright and sunny. It was an absolutely gorgeous northwest day!