Sunday, June 2, 2013

And the quilt lived happily ever after...

This is a post about why it's SO IMPORTANT to label your quilts.

I made this quilt for my dear grand-nephew and it goes everywhere with him.

And recently it went to a concert with him and his family.  For some reason all blankets were confiscated at the entrancd to the concert.  I cannot fathom why.  Anyway, the quilt was left and could not be retrieved at the end of the concert.  At the time, I didn't know what was going on. 

Yesterday I got a call from a kind stranger.  Her name is Katie and she lives in Vancouver where my family lives and where the concert was.  She saw the quilt and figured it was special and didn't want someone picking it up (ie stealing it) so she picked it up with the purpose of finding its owner.  Wow.

And this is where the label part comes in.  I ALWAYS label the quilts I give away.  I always use my first and last name (rather than from "Great Auntie Mavis").  I always date them and put the name of the recipient on them.  Katie saw the label and googled to see if she could find me.  She found this blog.  And on this blog was a link to our bed & breakfast.  And on our B&B page is our phone number.  And Katie called me.   And I called my nephew and his family and gave them Katie's number.  They were SO relieved to hear the news that the quilt had been found.

So because of Katie's 'random act of kindness', this quilt will live happily ever after with the family it was intended for and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Katie!

And THAT'S why we should label our quilts.  :o)



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  1. Thank goodness there are people who notice value in hand made items and are still helping others. What a great person. C