Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celtic Solstice (Winter Solstice) center is done!

TA DA !!!

I pushed through tonight to get the blocks together for the center of my Celtic Solstice quilt (Bonnie Hunter's mystery from

I've got my place reserved in line to have this mother of all quilts (it's huge!) machine quilted. There's to be no dilly dallying.  I'm thinking I'm going to change the borders slightly.  I saw someone's quilt on the facebook page for the mystery and she had completed the 'spikes' (see how they stop at the border on the tile blocks?) by eliminating the first neutral border that the pattern called for and putting the neutral spike facing out (every second row) thereby completing the four points around the tile.  The rest of the rust coloured tri-recs would be in between the neutral spikes, also pointing out.  So instead of the tri recs units swimming around the quilt,  they will be pointing outward. I wish I had a picture to show you.  Forgive me if I've confused you.  This brain is tired but it was a fun day getting the quilt top center piece done.

And Bonnie Hunter has arranged a 'linky' party on her blog so you can go back and look at all the different variations.  What a colourful world!

Oh yeah...congratulations Seahawks on an amazing win!

Until next time,



  1. Well done getting the large size put together! It looks great. Your border idea sounds good.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the center, it looks wonderful! I will look on the quiltvillechat photos to see what you mean on the borders; it sounds good to complete the pattern.

  3. Congratulations Mavis, it's gorgeous. I have quite a few blocks completed but lots more to go and I'm only making the small size. I know which border you mean and I also thought it was great so will see when I get there. Love your colors.

  4. Wow, it's big and beautiful! I really like your earthy colors in this version, and the idea for continuing the pattern into the border is brilliant. Well done!