Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilting Saturday at Church

The first Saturday of every month, a group of ladies from my church community get together to quilt.  We make quilts for every new baby born in our congregation...and let me tell you there are many.

I wanted to share a few photos of the 'in progress' stage:

My friend Terry deconstructing jeans to make a denim quilt.

My baskets of strips.  I'm making string squares in 6 different colours - yellow, green, purple, pink, turquoise and orange.  

Denim deconstruction!

This is what I want my quilt to look like.

My friend Denise finishing off a tablerunner!  Gorgeous!
So many projects ~ so little time.



  1. Love the strip quilt you're working on... very bright and pretty!

    Also love that you all make baby quilts for newborns in the congregation... what a thoughtful and welcoming thing to do!

  2. I love sewing with a group, I can see that your gals are having a great time too. your string quilt should turn out great, love the colors! cw