Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delicious Dimes...

I am working on a secret project at the moment that has to go on a plane with me on Wednesday.  Just in case the recipient of this quilt trolls my blog, I have to keep it under wraps.  But it's bright, made from batiks, uses a stack of gorgeous 'dimes' aka 'layer cake' which is basically a stack of 10 inch squares.  The Delicious Dimes pattern is a 'slice and reshuffle' pattern and I'm pretty excited about how it will turn out.  I PROMISE pictures soon, but for now, hope and pray that I can get this accomplished this weekend in between packing and tax prep stuff.

Let's go quilt!



  1. Thank you for the mention on your blog!
    Your project sounds like someone is going to be very lucky.
    Happy Spring ;-)

  2. Thanks Dawn! And I'm thankful that I got it all pieced and quilted yesterday on my B-Line with Janome 6500. Sure makes it easier! And I've even almost named the quilt either Jelly Bean Junction or Ju Jube Jumble - haven't decided yet. DH doesn't like either of them. He likes Joseph's Coat. Um...not sure. Then he just said, Jelly Bean Jamboree. I like that!!

    Well, I'm sewing the binding on tonight and want to encase the triangle shaped label in one corner so I better get a decision made. Pics to follow...really!