Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Goals and Lists

2012 was a year of finishes and while I haven't finished all 12 of my UFOs slated for 2012, I've made a huge dent in them and I'm very happy with my accomplishments.  I made 3 king sized quilts in 2012 (1 for a wedding, 1 for my bed and one for the king bed in our B&B).  One of those was a UFO.  2 were new projects.

While I will definitely continue to plow through my UFOs, I am feeling like 2013 will be a year of skill building.  If you're anything like me,  you tend to shy away from projects that you fear may be beyond your skill level.  I've had fabric set aside for at least 3 years for a Lonestar quilt.  I've been too intimidated by the technique to venture forth and get it started.  Well, in 2013 it will happen!  I want to learn and will be practicing on a scrappy Prairie Star quilt from Fons & Porter that I recently saw on their lonestar video.  That will accomplish a few things - it will put some scraps to use and as there are many smaller lonestars in this quilt the repetition will help me master the technique.  Then I'll go for the big one.

I've already learned a few new techniques with the 60 degree angle ruler and am looking forward to seeing where this all leads me.

There will also be a lot of baby quilts in the next year as we have another bumper crop of babies due in our church congregation and our church quilting group makes quilts for all of the babies born to families in the Church.

These hands will not be idle in 2013.  That's my prediction.

Happy New Year!  What are your quilty goals for 2013?


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