Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunny Saturday...

The sun is shining in my neck of the woods and I think that it's a great day to get the leash, the dog and her sweater and hit the pavement for a walk with my friend.

Later I plan to spend some time tidying up the plant pots outside the front door.  After that, I'm hoping I'll still have some energy to tidy up my sewing room.  My DH said the other day, giggling as he entered my sewing room...sure is getting cluttered in here.

Can't deny it.   When it gets this bad, it sucks any creative urges down the drain.  See for yourself!  If Bonnie Hunter can show you her messy studio, then I'll do the same.  I'll show the 'after' picture too.  But before I can sew with a clean conscience, this mess has to be addressed!

So, check back later.  Let's see how far I get today.

Until next time,

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  1. What Quilt frame/machine combo are you using? Is your long arm frame sitting on a normal table? I am starting to research now that I have the space, I would love to find out what your set up is and how you like it.

    I love seeing the quilts you work on... and I have followed/lurked for a while :)