Monday, January 17, 2011

Block Marathon

I finally finished all of the blocks of my Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  And I ordered a Companion Angle ruler which has now arrived so I guess the next marathon will be the border units.

I absolutely love the quilt tops that I've seen so far and really want to get this one finished soon.

Pictures to follow once I can find the cable for my blackberry.


  1. congrats on getting this done. I finished my top last weekend and everyone who has seen it just loves it. cw

  2. I think it's the nicest quilt so far of Bonnie's designs, although I absolutely love my Double Delight which I hand quilted.

    I'm a little freaked about the border and the fitting issues but fingers crossed! I'm glad I chose the colours I did.

    I've decided to send this out for long-arm quilting. What are you doing with yours?