Saturday, October 22, 2011

My first experience as a pattern tester and Penelope Garcia...

I had a chance to test a pattern created by Deborah Cohen to be published by Arbee Designs.  Watch for this pattern folks!  It's adorable and was very fun to make.

Giraffe at Kilimanjaro

Pardon my toes in the picture.  I had trouble cropping this photo!

I haven't followed the pattern exactly.  I evened out the borders which were odd sizes and added the green piano key border because I wanted to make the quilt bigger...big enough to give away as a baby quilt without feeling cheap!

I have yet to sandwich and quilt it.  In fact, I'm VERY behind on sandwiching and quilting a lot of quilts so I think I should sign off and hit my studio for some sewing time before my birthday party tonight.

I also have to sew a zipper into my costume.  I love theme parties and decided that for this birthday we would do a theme "Penelope Garcia and Friends" - in costume of course.  I am going as Penelope.  For those who don't know, Penelope Garcia is one of the characters on Criminal Minds, the show about the FBI profilers.  Penelope is totally opposite to my personality (I'm more an Emily Prentice character in real life) but it's fun to have an alter ego for a night. This is her:

I'm excited to see what other costumes show up!  Pictures may show up here tomorrow.

Until next time! mean Mavis


  1. Criminal Minds = Awesomesauce. I would be JJ Juroe if given the chance.

    This is such a cute quilt! Giraffes are my favorite animals and I think the piano key border is perfect.


  2. Wow, I was flipping through the things on my dashboard and there it is of my designs. Any one who looks at my blog would know I love piano key borders and I think that they are a great addition to this quilt. Deborah Cohen

    I am looking forward to the pattern getting though being tested and the official launch on my first pattern with Arbee.

  3. me too Deborah. It's such a great pattern. I sent my feedback to Ruth @ Arbee. I wonder how long now until it's for sale??