Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Slide Show

As promised, here is my Picasa web album link to my photos from the 2012 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

My friend Terry and I attended classes at Quilter's Affair at the Sisters High School on Friday, July 13th.  I took the Fireworks class with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios.  This is his quilt from the brochure:

I would happily show you my progress photos here as well but they are on my Blackberry and it is under my desk at work where I left it charging. Arggghhhh!

So that post will be tomorrow together with another picture of another quilt I started on the trip.  I fell in love with a focus fabric at Quiltworks in Bend. Then I spotted a pattern.  And the rest is history.  I wasn't intending on starting another quilt top but sometimes you just have to go with your inspiration.  It was a big block pattern called "Shenandoah" and here's a picture of the quilt that I saw at Sisters at the show (note - this is NOT mine).

and another one in the same pattern:

More photos of MY quilts tomorrow but for now, these 2 other teasers will hopefully interest you.

Until tomorrow!


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