Monday, July 16, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

I sure wish I had taken my laptop with me on this trip to Sisters.  My email stopped working on my Blackberry midday Friday.  Also, I could have been editing my photos during the down times on the trip ~ ok, I know, what down times? ~ but there sure were a lot of photos and I finally got them all edited today.  They are currently uploading to my Picassa album site (all 259 of them!) which I will post later, but for now, here's a teaser:

Pre-Show quilt hanging

I had heard that the firemen actually hang the quilts and here's proof!  And it was great getting a sneak peek before the show officially opened and the heat was too intense.  Our first stop was the Antique Quilt Display where I knew Bonnie Hunter would be at 8:00 a.m. as I had pre-arranged that with her.  I had a hard time finding it but eventually did, thanks to my friend Terry whose navigational skills are WAY beyond mine.  Anyway, Terry also took my camera and snapped this picture of me with the one and only reigning Scrap Queen ~ Bonnie Hunter!!!

She is a warm and authentic person and it was an honour to meet her.  It's harder (impossible) for Canucks to get the privilege so I was so excited to actually meet her in the flesh.  I have followed her blog ( for years and have done a few of her mysteries (with a few of them currently as UFOs).  Here we are!!

Stay tuned for the photo slideshow as soon as my computer has finished uploading them.

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