Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Hitting the Road!

Today is our last day in Victoria (Saanichton).  I've got a load of laundry in and we are making sure all loose items are battened down for transport.  Liz is tracing patterns from paper to fabric pattern sheets to condense volume.  A few last trips to storage and the dump and we are ready to roll out of here. We will be on the 8 a.m. ferry in the morning and heading for the Okanagan.

The last two weeks in Harriet at the local campground were needed.  We still had so much to get rid of.  When they ask you at the landfill "what's your name again"? it's a sign that you have become a regular.  We will be glad to leave those days behind.  We are much lighter now and rest is coming!

As we've reflected on the last four months of  'downsizing' we've come to understand that it's both a blessing and a trial to deal with 50 years of accumulated possessions.  The blessing is ... and please hear me if you are a senior with lots of stuff ... doing it now while you are alive is a selfless act for your children who will otherwise have to deal with your 'stuff' when you are gone.

The garage...50 years of projects, tools and trinkets

The trial is saying goodbye to the things that you have identified with and it's difficult!  They have formed the backdrop of your life but there are new experiences to be had and you have to let go of the past to embrace the future, right?  Or store them and deal with them later or leave them for someone else to deal with after you are gone.  Not a great option and storage costs money!   I've never seen myself as a minimalist, nor has Tony, nor has Liz, but here we are going for it!  So many people have shared their testimonies of living with less and all have said it's amazing.

Back to packing up! 


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