Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Southern California

Our next stop was Placeville KOA in Shingle Springs, California.  It's located in the foothills between the Sacramento Valley and the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains of Lake Tahoe.   It wasn't a long drive from the I-5 to the campsite so that was a welcome relief from our previous mountainous drives in to the various campsites.

We have loved every KOA campsite we have visited.  Each one has its special little nuances and this one was no different.  We met a family at the pool who talked about the "fun train".  Intrigued, we enquired at the front desk, and indeed there is a little fun train that circles the campsite in the evenings.  While Tony and I never went, Liz and Aidan did and they said it was a blast.  While they were doing that, I was capturing another California sunset.

Didn't mind having those shade giving trees.

On our way to the campsite our air conditioning in the truck seemed to stop functioning.  It was sweltering hot in the truck and we knew we had to get it looked at.  We called around and found a place specializing in diesel about 5 minutes away from camp.  Liz took the truck in while I took Aidan to the playground and then pool.  It took all day for the truck repair but they checked all the coolant levels, and the tires, and the A/C fan.  A call to our extended warranty company took care of the big part of the bill.  We now had the comfort of knowing that it had been taken care of.....because HOT COUNTRY is coming!

We stayed here two nights and it was a very pleasant stay.  All the KOAs have 'general stores' in their registration offices.  This one had free DVD rentals, adult beverages, and the pool was great.  I'm not really a swimmer but I have to say that the one thing I have appreciated the most in this hot journey have been the pools.

Aidan loves the pool and with his life jacket on he has learned to get very comfortable in the water.  We are now transitioning from life jacket to goggles and learning to get comfortable in the pool without the floaty.  Grandma is just thankful for a place to cool off!

Stay tuned for our next adventure into the desert.


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