Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ta da!! Double Delight is done and ready for the quilt show

What a great feeling!  I finished hand quilting my Double Delight (see previous posts), and I still have some flesh on my finger tips, albeit sore flesh.  I never was a thimble girl.

Well, I finished the binding last night and here are some photos of my Double Delight:

Here are some photos of the hand quilting (my first time!)  Happy Little Dance....

This shows the leaf vine quilting I did on the border.  I used a paper printout of the quilting and then cut a piece of bridal tulle large enough to cover the drawing.  I put the bridal tulle over the image and used a sharpie marker (permanent) to trace the quilting lines onto the tulle.  Then I rinsed out the tulle and dried it (to make sure there was no left over black sharpie marker which would harm my quilt).  From this point, you've got an image which you can lay over your quilt and use a chalk marker to trace it.  Because the tulle has little holes, the chalk goes through the tulle and onto the quilt top.  I thought this idea was pure genius.  I can't claim that genius.  I learned this trick at the Victoria Sewing Show.

I'm not sure you can see the tulip quilted into the setting triangle.  Once again I used the bridal tulle over the image to create my transfer medium for the design.  Worked great!

Here's a closeup of one of the quilt blocks showing the hand quilting.  Very simple quilting inside each square and an 'x' through the centre nine-patch.

Here is another closeup of the border (top left and bottom right corner)  I repeated the 'x' through the nine-patches and tulips in the small squares.

Also, try the 'Where's Waldo'? to see if you can find the nine-patch boo boo.  I chose to take the Amish approach that "only God is perfect" and leave the boo boo in the quilt.

I wonder if the quilt police at the Quilt Show will find it.   I'm not the least bit worried if they do.  I know it was planned...or at least allowed for when I discovered it myself.

Off to do my label now!  Til next time,  Mavis