Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quilting as I go...

I have now finished  my Carolina (Canadiana) Christmas blocks and they are currently hanging on my design wall looking gorgeous!  I'm very excited to get this one finished.  Thank you to Bonnie Hunter from for this design/mystery.

I decided to try a 'quilt as you go' method because I am doing sashing on this quilt and it lends itself wonderfully to quilting each block and then merging them together...and it's going to be a king sized quilt and it will be much easier to quilt it one block at a time.

I'm using the "Twirly Tucks Variation 1" from my Quilting Designs disk (a Quiltmaker product).  I've enlarged the design to 16" and have pasted my 4 sheets of laser printer paper together to make one big design.

First I thought I would needlepunch the design and 'pounce' the quilt top, each block just before getting ready to sew it.  Great idea but the execution left something to be desired.  Some of the holes showed the chalk markings but it was not easy to follow the design.  I don't need any stumbling blocks in my way when it comes to machine quilting.

Second, I thought I would trace it onto 'tulle' and then transfer it with a quilt pencil onto the top of the quilt.  With such a big design (16" square) the tulle moved too much and the image was distorted as a result.

Third try ~ I pulled out some thicker tissue/pattern design paper and traced the design onto the tissue paper and then pinned it onto the quilt square and then quilted through the tissue.

It worked the best of the three different methods but I really hate tearing the paper away after the fact (one of the reasons I don't paper piece too much!).

If it was a sunny day I would probably tape the design to the window and then tape the quilt block on top and trace the design right onto the quilt top.  But alas, it's a dark Sunday evening and I won't have any daytime quilt time until next weekend.

Here are two of the blocks, now quilted:

On this one I used my walking foot.  Lots of moving the block around but the quilt design worked quite well.

Here's the free-motion version:

I think I did better on the walking foot except for the little humps which it stalls on (intersections).

Here's a closeup of the poinsetta block done free motion:

Not my best work but maybe they'll improve as I get a few more blocks done.

Off to feed the troops, fold some laundry and then get back to the sewing machine.

Until next time,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carolina Christmas (Canadiana Christmas is my version)

I'm done my first step of the Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt but on a 'roll' so decided I would continue piecing my Canadiana Christmas quilt.  I'm still short some blocks and will have to cut more but here's the first row done!  The only thing missing is the sashing in between the blocks.  I'm trying to make it a King sized quilt and am seriously thinking about doing a 'quilt as you go' approach to getting it quilted.  I don't think I could manage a king-sized quilt on my Janome 6500 but I am quite certain I could handle these 16" finished blocks.  I will still ponder that and see how I feel when my wool batting (Hobb's Heirloom Wool Batting) arrives from Fabric Depot.

In the meantime I think I will surf the Net and see if there are some tutorials out there.  I know there are many methods of QAYG (quilt as you go).  I just don't want my quilt to be obviously QAYG.  I've got some time to make up my mind as I've still got many blocks to assemble.

Here's a photo of the first row:

I'm LOVING this quilt!  It was going to go in our Queen Suite in our B&B, but I've decided we need a warmer winter quilt for our bed and this Canadiana Christmas will do the trick, especially with warm wool batting.

I can hardly wait to get this one finished.

Warm quilty wishes!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in - perfect timing for Roll Roll Cotton Boll new Quiltville mystery

I've been waiting for the first clue of Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery quilt..."Roll Roll Cotton Boll".  I was able to print out the first clue before the clock struck 12:00 last night ~ one of the benefits of living on the West coast!!

I changed my colours after spending last weekend away at a quilting retreat and spotting this colour combo in a magazine.Up to that time I was struggling with shopping from my stash.  Chioices were teal, purple, gold, cream which I loved but couldn't choose a constant so I kept switching it up.  Not satisfied with any of them.   I've now chosen light pink, greens, blacks and tone on tone white/light cream with a double pink/raspberry as my "constant" (Bonnie's lingo for one colour that ties the scrappy colours together nicely).

The first step is 3 2" strips; two pink with one green in the middle.  Then cut into 2" sub-strips.  Here is the result:  172 units done!

Until next time!