Monday, February 20, 2023

Never too old for a big change....

If you've been following me this past year, you probably know that my quilting business is on hiatus.  I described the journey in detail on the pages of this blog and have been anxiously awaiting some news so that I could share with you the direction I'm taking. Hubby and I applied for a VISA to stay in the USA (where our daughter married the most wonderful man).  

On February 14, 2023 the approval came through and I'm happy to announce that I will be setting up a long arm business, continuing what I was doing for customers in Victoria but adding a rental program component for those that would like to quilt their own quilts but cannot afford or don't have room to buy their own long arm. I am still a representative for APQS and will be adding machines for this purpose and my shop will be a mini APQS showroom.

The machines have been ordered (Lenni, Lucey, and Freddie with QuiltPath) and my Millie with QuiltPath will be joining the fleet.  My business will be called The Stitchery LLC.  I am currently trying to find a commercial location for the venture.  The machines are ready to ship now so I'm hoping this happens this week.  It was a 'hurry up and wait' scenario until the approval for the VISA came through and now it's full steam ahead to get up and running.  SO MUCH TO DO!!!

God has been faithful to lead me this far and the plan has taken shape slowly and methodically, including having my new best friend down here want to join me.  We lunch together every Friday and besides a beautiful friendship forming we have talked about her opening a fabric shop under the same roof as The Stitchery LLC (separate but complimentary).  We got all sorts of excited at this prospect!! Dreams do come true y'all!  Since I was a little girl I've wanted a store.  It took until retirement from a stressful legal career and a radical life change to bring it to fruition. And now I have a friend to do it with. And here we are.... We don't have everything quite figured out yet.  It's still all gelling.

I will be changing this page from Dayspring Quilt Company back to my personal blog in the near future.  It has chronicled my quilting journey and I don't want to lose that.  It served my purpose as a simple website for Dayspring but I will now need a more robust website.  I plan on a blog page on the new Stitchery website for the business but that is all still in production.  Like I said...SO MUCH TO DO!!!

You can visit my new business at The Stitchery LLC in the near future.  The website is still under construction so there's nothing to see there now but hopefully soon enough!

What a wild ride!  Thanks for following along and I'll see you at The Stitchery LLC!