Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And then there were two...

Another non-quilty post about the new members of our family.   We say that Sara was such a special dog that we needed two to replace her.  It's not that she could ever be replaced because she can't.  But as my friend Liane said, " A good home should never go empty. Sara will always be remembered and loved."  Very true Liane. 

Meet Cooper (left) and Sophie (right).  They are 9 weeks old here and have been with us a week.  It hasn't taken long for them to totally capture our hearts.  We are still adjusting to have puppies again which is quite different than one elderly dog with dementia.

Needless to say I haven't gotten much sewing done, although I am busy working on quilts for Calgary flood victims along with some others in our quilt group, Lion of Judah Quilters (and friends who have joined for this project).

Here are a couple of things that have already gone to Calgary:

String Quilt - Group Project - top sent for long arm quilting in Calgary/Edmonton

Curly Birds of Bend - finished in 2012 - seemed like Calgary could use it more than me!
Modified Jelly Roll Races with inset red squares - quilt top I sent for long arm quilting.

So that was our first batch that was sent with some other quilts from Victoria.  Then we set about making a second one, this time as a 'quilt as you go' method.

Different setting - already quilted the squares; rows ready.  Next step sew the rows together for a quilt top then bind!

Rows ironed ready for the next step.
I've got a couple of rows sewn together but with work and puppies and running a B&B, etc. life has been busy.  Good thing we have a deadline.  Nothing like a date on the calendar approaching to get one moving towards completion.  The grout is being sewn down by machine.  I would love to do some hand sewing on it but there just isn't time.

Here's what the back will look like (sort of).  Imagine grout in between the orange/red squares.

And I have one more quilt top done which will need to be quilted.  This was a quick project (the piecing part anyway).  I cut the kit out and assembled it in one Saturday with the group.  We each did our own quilt this time.  Bored with strings we ventured out.

My quilt done with Kaffe Fassett prints and white Kona cotton. Destination:  Calgary and area

Shirley & friends (and the corner of Terry's primary colours done quilt as you go). Destination:  Calgary and Area

And that's about all.  As I said, it's been busy around here.  Off to tuck the puppies into bed now.  My DH just asked, 'so when does Cooper get his quilt?"  You see, Sophie has inherited Sara's quilt, pictured here underneath the exhausted puppies:

It's a dog's life to be sure!  Good night all.