Long Arm Quilting

Mandala quilt - second place ribbon

Got quilt tops?

Whether it's a baby quilt or something larger, we will lovingly add beautiful stitches to your quilt top.
Call or email us today. YES! We accept quilt tops by mail.

I have relocated to Cleveland, Tennessee and opened The Stitchery LLC!

Samples of my work are here:
email info@thestitcherytn.com 

If possible, please download, complete and bring intake form when you drop off quilt.

Intake Form

Price List:
Basic computerized edge to edge is $.02 per square inch for basic simple designs. In addition, there is a small thread charge of $.75/bobbin used.  For more dense designs I am currently charging $.025-.03 per square inch.  Custom quilting will be by quote based on the level of quilting requested (simple custom all the way up to heirloom) 

We sell batting and backing. See our website for selection.  Coming soon!

Additional Services:
Binding by longarm attached to your quilt while it's still on my frame.  The charge is $25.00.  Quilt is returned to you for sewing down on the back. Please ensure your binding strips cut at 2 1/2" are ready to attach.

Full machine binding services (added to the quilt, turned and stitched) charged out at $30.00/hour. Minimum charge $30.00. (I sew the binding on the back of your quilt on by machine and machine sew it down on the front. I'm not currently doing hand binding for customers.

If your quilt or backing comes to me wrinkled, I charge $10.00 pressing fee.  For the best quilting results it is important to load the quilt after it has been pressed. This only applies to badly wrinkled quilts.  If there is a fold line in your quilt due to transport and my storage no charge is applied.

Before you bring me your quilt, please:
1.  Trim loose threads;
2.  Press your quilt top and backing; 
3.  Include your 2 1/2" binding strips ready to attach if you are wanting this service;
4.  Please make sure your quilt backing and batting are a minimum of 5" larger on each side.  This allows for my loading system on my frame.  The easiest way to make sure you have enough is to add 10" height and 10" width to your backing.  ie.  40 x 50" quilt top needs 50 x 60' quilt backing and batting.
5.  If you are piecing your backing, it is preferred that the seam be horizontal.  This avoids a buildup of the seam bulk on a vertical seam as the quilt roll progresses through the quilting process.
6.  Please put your name, email address and phone number with your quilt.

Please note:  I’m asking customers not to use highly scented laundry products on their projects as these are a migraine trigger for me.  Thank you for understanding.

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