Monday, April 16, 2018

Binding and Boasting

When the production line of long arm quilting is moving at a fast pace, it doesn't take long for the binding pile to look larger than life.  So, the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on finishing the binding on some of these.  Some were large, some small, some keepers, some charity quilts.

Here are a few which are now in the 'done' pile.  Happy dance !!

This is Spanish Rose and was our quilting cruise pattern from Bonnie Hunter.  I think she did a fabulous job with her friend Irene of pulling this together when she was made aware that sewing machines would no longer be available on our cruise.  This meant a whole new pattern development for her.  

This is called "Creamsicle" and is a donation baby quilt to the Victoria Guild.  They supply the NICU at Victoria General Hospital.

This is another baby quilt which is being donated by me to the Victoria guild for the NICU.

Binding in process.
 My daughter created this quilt for a friend batting cancer.  I bound it for her while she was out of town.

 This is "Grand Illusion", an orphan quilt started by my friend Linda.  She couldn't finish it and thought because of my love for Bonnie Hunter's patterns that I would like to.  So I finished the quilt top and quilted and bound it.  I'm entering it into the Victoria Quilters' Guild quilt show at the beginning of May.  I just need to add a hanging sleeve and it will be ready.

This was a quilt kit from the Victoria Quilters Guild that I took home to quilt and bind.  This photo doesn't show the bound quilt but this was in the pile I referred to and I'm happy to say it's ready to be returned to the guild next time I can make a meeting.

This is "Grand Illusion" another Bonnie Hunter Quiltville mystery quilt.  I finally finished it, quilted it and bound it.  I only had the hanging sleeve and it's now done!  One by one they are all getting done!

It's been a busy few weeks but it's so encouraging to actually finish things.  I'm anxious to finish piecing my On Ringo Lake so I can get it on to the binding pile.  That's the update!   Thanks for reading.

Until next time!