Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heavy Heart...

I have a very heavy heart today.  Yesterday we said goodbye to our furry child, Sara.

She was the best dog a family could ever hope for.  We got her when she was 10 weeks old.  It was love at first sight.  We were at our church picnic and she came with the family who owned her mother, Minnie.  We were not in the market for a dog at the time but like I said, it was love at first sight.  My husband wasn't with us that day as he wasn't feel very well.  We asked the family who had her if she was for sale.  Yes.  Could we take her overnight to show my husband and bring her back tomorrow?  Sure.  Game over.  She never went back.  She was destined to live with our family.  We took her upstairs to our livingroom where my DH was resting on the couch.  We set her on his chest and her bring brown eyes captivated his heart and he also fell in love. And she was ours.

I don't think people who are not 'dog people' really understand how they become such an integral member of the family.  They love you unconditionally.  They always greet you with so much enthusiasm that they can lift your day from humdrum to happy.  They live to please you.  And Sara did all of this and more.

We moved to acreage when she was about 5 years old.  We used to tease that she was saying "I'm a FARM dog now!".  She would chase deer out of the yard with great zeal.  She was a dog with a job and she took it seriously.  She loved to be outside with my DH when he was working on the property.  With ample sunny spots she'd find her favourite and 'rest a spell', or cool her warm tummy on the shady grass in the orchard.

To say we will miss her is an understatement.  It's been less than 24 hours and her presence is missed more than words can tell.  And yes, she was 'just' a dog, but to us she was family.  We loved her dearly.  She loved us and brought much joy to our family.  And now she is gone and we grieve.

The last cuddle before we say goodbye.
Good bye sweet Sara.  You were the best dog ever and we will always love you.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quilting for Calgary - Love in Action

I love to see people responding in love to those in need.  That can take a lot of different forms. The past two weeks have seen devastation to the Calgary area in the Canadian prairies.  Some people have lost everything.  Some people don't yet know what they've lost as they have not been allowed to return to their neighbourhoods.  Can you imagine the anxiety of that scenario?

We all respond differently to the needs we see.  Some people want to go and help on the ground with recovery efforts, or bringing aid.  Some people pray believing for divine intervention.  And yes, quilters want to send quilts.  They want to send tangible expressions of compassion and care.  

That is why I was so glad to see the formation of some online groups specifically for the purpose of  being a rallying point to coordinate sending quilts to those in need.  This totally chokes me up.  I'm not ashamed of my tears.  I want to help too.  I can't go and help, but I can certainly make a quilt, or quilt blocks, or help spread the word.  And I've heard countless stories like this the past two weeks and it warms my heart to know that this expression of love and compassion is reaching this devastated area.  It says, "we care".  "You're not alone".

I wanted to see if I could organize a group from my friends in Victoria to work on a group quilt to send.  We got together last Saturday at my church to work on heart strings which is a popular quilt pattern that multiple people can work on and no experience is necessary.  We had some sewing, some ironing, some cutting strips. Our goal was to send 2 quilts.  Here's a picture of where we got to on Saturday:

I was really sad that in the end I couldn't even go the event that I organized.  The reason?  On Friday, the day before, I broke my foot.  So the girls carried on without me.  But I was there in spirit and quite sure I could contribute something from my own sewing time alone at home.  On Sunday, I hobbled into my sewing room and added to the number of blocks.  This weekend I think I'll try and get the blocks put together and ready to ship off with the others from our area.  I know there have quilting ninjas working in groups for this great cause.  And thankfully it wasn't my 'sewing foot' that I broke so it still works just fine!

We will be sending this quilt top to Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton.  They have volunteered to quilt them on their long arm machines and then get them distributed.  They are opening their studio for the next 4 Sundays.  You can read about it on the facebook group page here:

I'm so proud of my fellow quilting family.  Way to spread the love!!!  God bless you for your giving spirits.  I know He loves it when His children love one another.  This is just awesome.

Until next time,