Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Goals and Lists

2012 was a year of finishes and while I haven't finished all 12 of my UFOs slated for 2012, I've made a huge dent in them and I'm very happy with my accomplishments.  I made 3 king sized quilts in 2012 (1 for a wedding, 1 for my bed and one for the king bed in our B&B).  One of those was a UFO.  2 were new projects.

While I will definitely continue to plow through my UFOs, I am feeling like 2013 will be a year of skill building.  If you're anything like me,  you tend to shy away from projects that you fear may be beyond your skill level.  I've had fabric set aside for at least 3 years for a Lonestar quilt.  I've been too intimidated by the technique to venture forth and get it started.  Well, in 2013 it will happen!  I want to learn and will be practicing on a scrappy Prairie Star quilt from Fons & Porter that I recently saw on their lonestar video.  That will accomplish a few things - it will put some scraps to use and as there are many smaller lonestars in this quilt the repetition will help me master the technique.  Then I'll go for the big one.

I've already learned a few new techniques with the 60 degree angle ruler and am looking forward to seeing where this all leads me.

There will also be a lot of baby quilts in the next year as we have another bumper crop of babies due in our church congregation and our church quilting group makes quilts for all of the babies born to families in the Church.

These hands will not be idle in 2013.  That's my prediction.

Happy New Year!  What are your quilty goals for 2013?


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy Street Progress...

With all of my Christmas sewing projects out of the way now, I returned to forging ahead on my Bonnie Hunter 2012 mystery quilt, Easy Street.  As of last night, here are all of the units happily dwelling together:

I'm hoping we get to play with yellow next (Bonnie's green).  Bottom left corner is step 5 units which I'm calling "Stuffed Christmas Geese".  Centre bottom are the yellow 3 1/2" squares which I expect will be either a centre block with geese around and maybe some of those 4 patches?  I bet Bonnie will be starting to put these units together starting with step 6 which is to be released next Friday.

Until then, there are Christmas preparations to happen.  I have some stocking stuffers to wrap.  All the grocery shopping is done, thanks to my DH who braved the crowds in the stores yesterday.   I'm just so glad to be caught up to this point and be waiting for the next step.  Wow!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Done! Last quilt finish before Christmas...

This quilt will be delivered tomorrow to the recipient who has no idea it's coming.  And that's what a surprise is supposed to be right?  It's going to a gentleman that I have known since 1979.  He is a very special person in my life and this quilt is my gift to him.  He is one of these kind and generous people that prefers to be anonymous so I don't want to dishonour him by spilling the beans as to who it is.  He has shown me so much kindness and generosity over the years of our association that I decided about 3 years ago that one day I would make him a quilt.  Well, tomorrow my husband will deliver this to him while I'm at work.  And I'm very excited that it's done and that it's for him.  I sure hope he likes it.

I'm calling it Toscana because it reminds me of Italian ceramic tiles.  Besides being a Christmas gift, it also qualifies as a finished UFO, bringing my total this year to 6!!  That's 6 fully finished quilts plus 3 (almost 4) quilt tops done.   My goal was 12 for 2012 but I don't think I'll quite get there. But I'm very happy with what I did accomplish.

So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to TOSCANA:

Each block is a 4 patch kaleidoscope so, yes, they are all different.

It's definitely time to tidy up the sewing room.  And then bring on Christmas!  I'm done and so happy.


Sunday, December 9, 2012


In between Steps 2 and 3 of Easy Street, I thought I would work on a UFO.  I chose this one because there wasn't that much left to do on it.  I had all the blocks done and the sashing pieces cut.  And I love that I was able to push on through to finish the quilt top before getting back to Step 3 of Easy Street.

As I was working on it, I was wondering what I should do with it when it was done.  Who should it go to?  Where is its forever home?    I do pray about these things.  I consider quilting a ministry of love and comfort.  I'm not doing it to hoard a bunch of quilts for myself and my family.  I give my quilts away as an expression of my love and care for people.

I was so pleased when I had the light bulb moment about who this quilt is for.  It is for a very kind and generous gentleman in my life.  He has done so much for me through my life that I don't even know where to start.  I have wanted to reciprocate so many times,  but until now there was nothing that I could do but learn to say thank you and receive his gifts.  I am beyond blessed to think that I can now do something for this man that is a unique expression of my appreciation for him, his character, his kindness and his generosity.

I am hoping to get this quilt on my frame tonight to quilt it, but until then, here is the quilt top, which I've named Toscana.  The kaleidoscope blocks remind me of Italian tiles, hence "Toscana".


Here's a closeup of the tiles:

So there you have it!  Another UFO very, very close to completion and then I'll be ready to start Easy Street Clue 3.

Until next time,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Living on Easy Street...

I actually don't live on Easy Street.  I'm sure I have struggles like the next person, but I sure love it when Bonnie Hunter hosts a mystery quilt and I can get distracted by something fun to do.  And I really, really love the name of this latest mystery started on November 23rd ~ It's called "Easy Street" and Bonnie has said in the online posts that she's had a busy year and so have we and that it would be a simpler quilt!  So, with that, I decided to dive in and start this mystery, even though I have wanted to avoid starting anything else until the UFO pile is shortened.  I am weak.

The link to Bonnie's blog for the pattern is here.  She's chosen some gorgeous and fresh colours for this mystery quilt.  Me?  I have just finished 2 purple quilts, and turquoise in Orca Bay so I am just not feelin' it for those colours.  So I looked at the colour wheel and decided that I am going to do the grey constant with the black on white.  That was my starting point.

Here are my step 1 four patches in the grey with black on white (and happy little dance for me ~ they're done!)

Don't these remind you of a winter sky?

The second clue came out yesterday and I am literally in shock that it's Saturday night and I'm done step 2.  What got into me?  I'm never caught up.  But anyway, here's my step 2 flying geese.  My red is Bonnie's purple.

My other colours are a cool blue and school bus/dijon yellow.  I love the yellow with the grey, and the red with the grey and even the blue with the grey, so I'm quite sure I will love this quilt and I have a suspicion that it will look modern.  That will be a twist on my previous Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts.  They have all looked very traditional.  This will be more edgy.  I can feel it!

I've also cut out my bricks for the future (which is what the early birds got to do!)

Here are both steps and the bricks happily tucked away in their box awaiting clue #3 due out next Friday:

I'm loving these colours and it's been a very enjoyable project so far.

Gee, what can I maybe finish off while I'm waiting for clue #3??

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Retreat time!

When you hear the word 'retreat' you probably think of solitude, quiet, relaxation, and time away from the rat race.  When you pair that word with 'quilting' you get...noise from laughter and discussions with friends and the hum of machines, friendship instead of solitutde and focus on projects rather than relaxation...unless you find quilting relaxing...and WE DO!!

And I probably don't have to tell you how satisfying it is to come home with projects completed or at least mostly completed.

I just got back from here after 4 nights away with the girls in my satellite group.  I wanted to focus on getting UFOs done and I got these finished:

At long last, my Roll Roll Cotton Boll is completed and ready to quilt.  I'm so excited to have this one done.

After Roll Roll Cotton Boll, I worked on Tuscan Hillside.  I just needed to work on the appliqued vine and grape leaves.  I still have to stitch down the raw edge applique of the grape leaves but for now they are fixed down by Steam a Seam 2.


And lastly, Orca Bay!  I got the top done and I'm thrilled with it but I had some trouble with the borders.  I put on a white border like Bonnie Hunter's instructions said (no picture shown of that) but after measuring in the middle, it was about 3 inches short on each side.   Not a happy camper!  Anyway, this is where the quilt fairies come in (aka retreat friends).  After  agonizing over the border dilemma I've decided to take off the white border and add a wider black border and then square it off from there.  I've got almost all of the outer border units done although I ran out of units so I couldn't finish it, but here's a picture of the quilt without the borders.  I'll update with another blog post once all the borders are on.


I'm very happy with what I got done at my quilting retreat.  Now to get them quilted!!

Until next time,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some finishes...

I had a great week which included some finishes.  Among these were:

The Curly Birds of Bend

All quilted, labeled, bound, and done!  I started this in July of 2012 while in Sisters, Oregon.  The fabric captivated me in Bend, Oregon and that night in the hotel room, I started cutting and piecing this very easy quilt.  The pattern is called "Shenandoah" and is great for focus fabric that you can't bear to cut up.

And this one has gone to the longarm quilter, Teresa Ranson, to be finished as it's a king-sized quilt for my bed.  This was a Bonnie Hunter mystery a few years ago which was entitled "Carolina Christmas".  Well, Miss Bonnie lives in North Carolina and I live in Canada, so mine is called "Canadiana Christmas".  This quilt should be home in plenty of time to adorn my bed for the Christmas season.

I'll have another finish this week.  I'm just finishing off the binding and then I'll shoot some pictures to upload.

Until next time,


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Design Decisions

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've now started two of the Disappearing Fat Quarters mystery quilts, the second one so that I could help my friend with the instructions she missed.

I took both quilt tops to class today and here's what I've decided:

This one is done.  It will be a Christmas table topper and I love it just the way it is.

So I will just be quilting it as is and binding it and it will be done.   I really love this colourway.

This one is not done and I've been struggling with what to do next:

I only got some dark green borders on it after this point and then I packed it in and decided that before I cut fabric and waste it, that I would do some designs in EQ7 first.

I narrowed it down to these two:

Option #1
Option #2

I've decided I like the second option more as it highlights the flying geese and doesn't fight with that border.  I also like the way it looks like ribbon and adds some nice curve illusions to the quilt.

I'm going to sleep on it and see if I still feel the same way tomorrow.

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I liked the Disappearing Fat Quarter SO much that I was envisioning this one in this colourway and started making a second.  My justification:  my friend couldn't take the class on Saturday even though she was enrolled, so I needed to help her get through the homework.

Here's where I got:


This is just the centre medallion.  It still needs the strata strips and the geese but I like it!  It will be the winter version.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Disappearing Fat Quarters, the Sequel

Yesterday I posted about my mystery quilt Saturday workshop.  I finished all the flying geese and the four cornerstone blocks.  They were very quick!  I think it took longer to iron the geese than it did to create them.

And here is where I got to last night which is all my homework now done.

I love it!  And funny, I've got two of my former quilt designs swimming around in my head.  I think it's a familiarity thing,.  It these two:

The top one is my own design called Corn & Beans in Provence.  The second one is another Kelly & Arlene mystery and I think it was called "Dash to the Finish".

Well, it's Monday morning and the coffee is almost consumed so I better sign off and get ready for work.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

What I'm working on...

Good rainy morning!

We're having our first rainfall in a lot of days.  The west coast is nicknamed the 'wet coast' for a good reason.  It rains lots here.  But not this summer/autumn.  It's been very dry and I know of at least one well in our area outside Victoria that has dried up.  Not a drop of water to be found.  So, needless to say, the rain is welcome.

As I write this, I can hear the constant tapping of the raindrops on our metal roof and it's comforting.  I don't have to be outside thankfully so bring on the rain!  Our gardens and lawns need it so badly, as does our reservoir.  It's one of those days where you just want to hunker down, put on a cozy fire, make a pot of tea and enjoy an indoor activity.

And here's what I'm working on today:

I received back yesterday "The Blessing" king sized quilt for our B&B King Suite.  It is now officially a quilt after the loving stitches added by Arlene MacKenzie of On Point Quilting Studio have sandwiched it together.   It's a LARGE quilt (understatement much!) and Arlene did a beautiful job on her long arm machine.  I'm now busy sewing on the polka dot binding.  I'm so happy with this quilt and I hope the guests who get to sleep under it will be blessed.  I named it The Blessing because this year our B&B business has been blessed and I wanted to name it something that would count as a spiritual monument to help us remember a year of blessing.

Here's a picture of "The Blessing".

and a closeup of Arlene's quilting on the back:

Yesterday I also attended a mystery quilt workshop through our guild.  It was called "Disappearing Fat Quarters" and our workshop teachers were the same Arlene MacKenzie who quilted "The Blessing", and her sidekick/co-creator of the quilt pattern, Kelly English.  They have done lots of mystery quilts and other classes at our annual retreat held at Pearson College and I've been in at least 3 of their classes, so I knew it would be a fun day.

The hardest part is choosing colours when you don't know what the pattern is.  You can usually glean a few hints from the description.  They used terms like 'modern' but that didn't give me enough to go on to feel comfortable.  But never fear, our fearless leaders are always available to answer anxious questions about whether fabric choices are suitable.  And Arlene gave me some necessary feedback about adding more variety, so I did just that.  And I'm pleased..very pleased.  Here's where I got to yesterday:

 The centre medallion is 4 blocks (before the triangle setting blocks) and they are a Double Disappearing Nine Patch. Here's a tutorial from a blog that I found that illustrates the method well:  tutorial for Double Disappearing Nine Patch.

Math is amazing and when Arlene and Kelly told us that they could get 4 setting triangles out of one fat quarter, I confess that I thought they were math heretics!  But I'm now a believer!  A FQ is 18x22 in most cases.  What we did was cut a 17 inch square from one fat quarter, then added a 2 1/2" strip on all four sides then cut into 4 smaller triangles (like an X).  And they fit perfectly!  Wow!!

We also learned about 3-D flying geese which is a COOL method and so quick!  Here's a link to a you tube video of Ricky Tims demonstrating the method.  3 D Flying Geese Video.  The time is in the cutting but after that the geese units are done in a flash.  So I'm now at the point where I have to make 48 of those to fly around the quilt and then 4 of a block called the 10 Minute Book as the cornerstones.  Here's another video demonstrating those blocks:  10 Minute Blocks.  The last half of the workshop is next Saturday so I'm really hoping to get a lot accomplished this week since my DH is out of town visiting his best buddy and not back until next Sunday evening.  We will be considering border options next week but until then, I have HOMEWORK to do!

After all that creative stimulation yesterday I had busy brain last night while trying to go to sleep.  All I could see was all my UFOs stacking up in their little bins under my quilt frame.  I knew that I had today started another NEW project on top of all the UFOs.   Oh I took the first step...I updated my list to include UFOs (unfinished objects), PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) and WIP (work in progress).  The UFOs and WIP are really the same thing.  Work in Progress sounds way better than UFO, don't you agree?  PIGS include all the new projects I've got in my head and in some cases, fabric pulled and kitted up with patterns ready to go.  I just need to finish a few of the UFOs to be able to give myself permission to start 'another' new project.  I told myself no new projects this year until all my UFOs were done.  Right!!  Like that was going to happen.  Anyway, I am going to finish some things this week and I'll report more and upload some more pictures, but for now, I hear The Blessing call me from the other room, begging to be finished, so I'm off to bind that quilt and listen to the rain.

Blessings on your Sunday,


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Studio Tour - Victoria Quilters' Guild Sept 22/12

Yesterday, my quilt guild held a tour of six studios of members in our guild.  The ticket prices were $10.00 and the funds are going into a special fund to bring in guest speakers from further afar.  I thought it was a great idea and promptly bought my ticket.  After our B&B guests had checked out and the laundry and dishes had been started, it was time for me to sneak away for a few hours for some inspiration.  And I was inspired!

It's always great to see the other girls' stashes, storage, workspaces, projects and this tour did not disappoint.  We have some quality quilters/teachers in our community.  Let me introduce you to some of them who were highlighted in yesterday's tour:

I started in Fairfield, just off Dallas Road where our very own Laine Canivet  has her studio.  Laine does abstract and pictorial fabric art and handmade journals and has taught in the past at our Quilting in the Trees annual retreat.

This is a photo in her basement workshop where does all the messy creative stuff with fabric dying, painting and booking binding.

I apologize for the fuzzy picture.  Blackberry camera and light coming in from her window made it not the best photo but you get the idea.

Here is one of Laine's photo transfers on canvas that is then quilted:

Upstairs is her sewing room.  I loved her storage system for her stash, tucked away in a cove in the wire baskets.  It works great!   I really admire Laine's 'read and play' approach and her talent for design.  She told us about some of her sources of inspiration, Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine and Quilting Arts Magazine, and that after reading she'll just go and play and experiment.   I read those too, but haven't actually been brave enough to play and experiment.  Laine inspired me to take a chance next time I get one (workshop probably) and I think I will.  It's good to stretch our creative muscles and I'm going to!

My next stop was Sharon White's place.  She's another storage queen. 

I love how she painted plain banker boxes with the same paint as her walls and then adorned her shelves with these beauties.  Sharon is obviously an organized quilter.  She had a small but orderly and efficient space.

 Don't you love these little bins used for her thread?

My hubby has used them in his shop, but it has never occurred to me to use them in my sewing studio.  She also had fashioned a layout surface on top of an old bed with wooden rails all around it, and a great design wall in her living room which doubles as a rod for hanging quilts when she doesn't need the design wall.  Brilliant use of space!

Next was Lenny DeGroot's studio.  Oh my!!  Lenny has taught free motion quilting among other things for the guild and her work is exquisite!  Here's a photo of her 'Flowers" quilt that she did as 'quilt as you go'.  Isn't it gorgeous!?  It took two strong men to hang this quilt in her livingroom and what a breathtaking view as you enter this room.

This is her sewing room which is bright and tidy.  Don't you love the quilting blocks in her window valance? 

I would love to take a class with Lenny for this quilt which she currently has for sale:

Next was Bette Anderson's studio, also in Saanich.  Bette's studio is above what I think is a garage and she calls it her "Girl Cave".

There is a small deck off her studio and I could imagine having a nice cup of coffee out there while looking through patterns or quilting books/magazines.  Bette's space is very organized and her storage system is to die for!  Look at these storage bins that her hubby built for her!  She said he bent and molded the plastic which stands just over a foot high.  And every one has holes so that the fabric can breathe (at least that's my assumption).  They are each on a pull out drawer and all colour coordinated and behind closed doors when not being used.

I love her ironing board too.  It's a standard ironing board with marine wood added and wrapped in special material to withstand the heat.  Maybe if I show the photo to my hubby he could make me one too.  :o)

This is a beautiful studio and it was hard not to be envious of her space.  In a word ~ gorgeous!

And then I headed up the Saanich Peninsula to Daphne Greig's studio.   Daphne also owns and travels internationally teaching. 

This quilt greeted us on her front door:

Daphne had quilts, patterns and even fabric kits and videos for sale.  I managed to resist but thoroughly enjoyed talking with her and seeing her quilts and class samples.   Here are a few that were on her wall.  Some were for sale and some were 'priceless'.

I've never taken one of her workshops but will hopefully get the chance soon.  Daphne is teaching in Kona, Hawaii in February 8-17, 2013 at  Oh, I wish!!  Wouldn't that be fun?

Before I lieft I noticed that she had her stash cupboard open for us to see.  This one is more like mine (but tidier than mine at the moment) with plastic containers organized by size or colour family:

And my last stop was Arlene MacKenzie's studio.  Arlene was the only longarm quilter on the tour and we got to see her in action working on a baby quilt.   I forgot to take a picture at her place unfortunately so you can visit her website (link above) and see some photos there.

Arlene has now done over 1,000 quilts and her work is stunning.  In fact, she has one of my quilts waiting in line and I was wondering if it might be on the frame when I arrived.  It wasn't as it's still waiting its turn.  I wasn't expecting it until the beginning of October  but I thought it might be fun to see my quilt on the frame but it was still sleeping soundly in its bag.  Hey it's all good.  She was waiting for some new parts for her Gammill and now it's as smooth as butter and she'll be back working on big quilts soon, including mine.  Yippee!  I can hardly wait.

So, it was a great day and I learned about some of our guild members, saw some beautiful sewing/creative spaces and quilts and came home with an unction to clean up my sewing space and revisit my storage solution and stretch my creative muscles into the art quilts arena.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these photos and that you will visit their respective websites/blogs.

Until next time,


Monday, September 3, 2012

Hand Sewing with Bonnie

I have many, many quilting projects on the go.  Amongst them are 2 hand quilting projects.

Bonnie Hunter from has issued a challenge for September, which by the way is National Sewing Month in the USA.  I'm calling it International Sewing Month so Canada can be included.  :o)   The challenge is to hand sew 1 hour per day (where possible) to push stagnating projects forward.  I confess that I was a bit reluctant to commit a whole hour every day to hand quilting.  I work Mon to Fri, 9-5 plus run a B&B so time is precious and I hesitate to structure my sewing time like that.  But here's the thing...I really want to get my hand quilting projects done...especially this one.  So I'm committing to do my best to do some quilting on it every day until it's done.

Here's the story behind this quilt:

My quilting friend Janet passed away a few years ago.  Her husband held a garage sale to pass on her fabric and quilt items.  This partially completed soft peaches and cream Irish Chain quilt was among the items for sale.  Janet got it to the blocks stage.   I'm quite sure she planned for some applique or something in the plain blocks to make the quilt pop more.   I remember she did a similar one with some embroidery which won Best in Show at the first Westshore Quilters' Guild.  She was more than thrilled and I was rejoicing with her that day when I saw the ribbons.

Anyway, this was one of the treasures from that garage sale day.  I wanted to keep this one for myself because it will always remind me of Janet. 

I've chosen to hand quilt this "Peaches and Cream" quilt in green thread to make it pop a bit.

I've got one block quilted and fourteen  to go!

I've used a green Frixion pen to mark the feather wreath and this one is next!

Once all the hand quilting is done, I'll be back to quilting the rest by machine in green thread diagonally through the 16 patches.  At least I think I will.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll be inspired to hand quilt the whole thing.  It is very therapeutic and Lord knows I can use some therapy!

It's almost a queen sized quilt so I wonder if I can get all that hand quilting done in September.  What about you?  Are you up for a challenge?  I would LOVE to get this quilt done.  Perhaps since we've had such a busy summer at our B&B it will be a great excuse for me to slow down, put my feet up and lovingly sew some stitches into Janet's quilt.

Here's a picture of the full quilt.  Thanks Bonnie for the kick in the rear.  I can do this! 

Hey, anybody seen my thimble??


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two quilt tops finished this week!

Major happy dance over here at Dayspring Farm!!  Why?  Because I finished TWO quilt tops this week!  Neither of them were UFOs but I was determined that they wouldn't end up that way.

Firstly, let me introduce you to a quilt I'm calling "The Blessing":

I apologize for the picture.  It was late at night and this was indoor lighting in our staircase but as soon as I finished the top I wanted to snap a picture because it's an exciting thing to finish a quilt top!!

Anyway, the story on this quilt is this:  My DH and I have a B&B and this has been a record year for us and we count that as a huge BLESSING.  In our King suite we have a king sized bed and unfortunately it's the only room that doesn't have one of my quilts.  Here is a current photo of the bed:

I really like the quilt I bought for this room but it's still a knock-off and not one of my handmade quilts.

The other day when my DH and I were changing the linens after guests had checked out, he remarked, "you really need to make a quilt for this room, because this just isn't you".  Nice eh??  I had a pattern in mind already as I wanted it to be simple enough that it wouldn't take me a decade to finish it, but still striking enough to satisfy my eye.  I bought some dark black and pink rose fabric with this King Suite in mind but didn't have a clear idea of coordinating fabrics.  So DH and I pulled some fabric from stash and he said "green".  The pink I was thinking about as a contrast would scream PINK and that's not what I wanted. Anyway, I found 2 nice coordinating fabrics to go with my dark rose, a pale sage green and some black & white polka dots.  I LOVE polka dots!  anyway, the result is the quilt I'm calling The Blessing!  I've named it that to remember the blessing of the Lord on our B&B this year and the blessing of my husband blessing the work of my hands.

The quilt will be going to Arlene MacKenzie of On Point Quilting Studio for long arm quilting because it's just too big for me to do, even on my quilting frame with my Janome 6500.  I've already got the binding ready to go with a goal to getting it on the bed soon!

So that was finish number 1.  Now onto number 2.

Fiesta quilt!

I was really on a roll this weekend.  I worked a lot on the weekend with 9 guests in the B&B so I took some time in the studio yesterday without guilt.  And I really wanted to get my Fiesta quilt done that I started at Quilters' Affair in Sisters in July.  And are you ready?  I got it done!  The columns were assembled into a quilt top yesterday and last evening I thought, "what the heck; I am so close to finishing, I'll get the borders done".  At that time I saw that Bonnie Hunter was on quilt cam so it was doubly cool as it felt like I was actually sewing along with her.   It was a fun evening sewing along with the finish line in sight.

And here's is Fiesta!

I'm having second thoughts about the border.  It seems to hem the quilt in a bit for my liking.  I was thinking that lighter fabrics would be better.  I may do a rework on it.  What do you think??

Anyway, that's the kind of weekend it's been.  9 guests checking out today means it's laundry and cleaning time, so until next time,


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fireworks quilt blocks are finished!

I'm very happy with myself.  Not only did I get out of my comfort zone and buy some Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and do something entirely new and different as far as a ruler and pattern goes, I actually came home from a class and continued to work on the class project!  I know!!  I'm very pleased.  I have been working away on this Fireworks quilt out of "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin" by Sara Nephew.  Today, despite the 90 degree temperature in my sewing room, I managed to get all of the blocks up on the design wall and play with layout.  Here's where I'm at right now:

I found that I chose a lot of fabrics from the Kaffe Fassett line that seemed to 'read' all the same.  The result was that there was too much yellow and all the light blocks seemed to run together because they were too similar.  So, I began digging into my stash and pulling some other colours to create some light blocks without yellow, but adding purple and pink.  I also added some deep rich burgundies and purples and some light blue too!  This is the result.

I now have to finish the setting triangles and have just reviewed the instructions for that.  Maybe, just maybe I'll get all of that done and can then start thinking about what I want to do on the border.  I'd love to use up the remaining fabrics for the border so I may insert some small triangles much like the designer of this quilt, Scott Hansen, did.  I love using it all up.  Waste is bad and makes you feel bad doesn't it?  Well this will be a 'feel good' border because I won't be a wasteroo!!

Anyway, that's what I've been up this long weekend in between greeting  B&B guests and making breakfasts, and setting tables, and hanging sheets out on the clothesline.  It's been a pretty fantastic day!

Until the borders when I'll be back to post some more pictures!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I'm working on...

I'm working on a LOT of things.  But that makes it kinda fun and alleviates the possibility for boredom right?  At least that's my story.

I swore I wasn't going to start new projects, that I was going to focus in 2012 on completing UFOs.  I have 12 listed and I want to get through all 12 of them this year.  It feels good to finish projects.  But it also feels to start projects and I confess, I am weak.  My resolve dissolved.

So, as you may know from my previous posts I started a new project in Sisters at Quilter's Affair at a Friday class.  Pictures are here for the teacher's quilt and another new start that I confessed to beginning in the hotel room after spying a focus fabric that I simply couldn't resist.  The picture for was uploaded as a test from my blackberry here

Anyway, here are some pictures of MY fireworks quilt  which I think I will be naming "Fiesta" and a repeat photo of my "Curly Birds of Bend" quilt which is currently on my frame being quilted.

Block A - Light on the Right; Medium on the Left of the starting triangle

Top:  Another Block A.  Bottom Block B with medium starting triangle and then medium, dark, medium on both sides

Building a Block B

Playing in hotel room building blocks.  Bed makes a great design wall/surface

Curly Birds of Bend named because the focus fabrics has swirls, birds and I bought the fabric in Bend.

Currently on my quilting frame becoming a quilt rather than a UFO!

So that's what I've been working on.  Last night I decided to work on the Fiesta quilt again before I lost the construction method.  You know how that goes right?  You 'get it' in class but then you leave it for awhile and before you know it, you're asking yourself:  "how's that go again?"  So, determined to get these both done and not on next year's UFO list.

Something else I've 'started' (but this one doesn't count as a new start and I'll explain why) is a quilt called "Bow-Dacious".  It's out of Bonnie Hunter's "Adventures with Leaders and Enders" book.  I was looking through all 4 of my BH books yesterday and was captured by the beauty of this quilt.  Here's a photo of one that Subee made. 

Before I started sewing again on my Fiesta blocks, I dug into my 1 1/2" strip bins and started cutting 1 1/2" squares and sorting them into colour families.  The theory behind "leaders and enders" is rather than wasting thread after pulling a sewn block from the machine, you put a scrap of fabric under the feed dogs, sew down to the end of it and snip off the completed block.  This prevents waste of thread but also as a leader, rather than an ender, you stop the machine from chewing the beginning of your new block.  You can find a better explanation in Bonnie's book, but suffice it to say that I thought this would be a BRILLIANT way to use up my  1 1/2" strip scraps and create blocks for a new quilt in the process.  2 quilts underway at the same time without even trying!  Gotta like that eh??  And THAT's why it doesn't count as a UFO.  :D

I think I've got about 2 4-patches done but I didn't actually get that much sewn last night.  We had a full house at the B&B so I just snuck in a few moments between meeting and greeting guests and showing them to their rooms and giving them the info for breakfast.

Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon of those building blocks and a completed top for my Fiesta quilt!  Pretty excited about that one.  It's a departure from my normal quilt style and fabric choices.  Pretty wild but I'm loving it!

I am going to hang out some sheets on the line and mosey on up to my studio and sneak in some more play time.

Until next time!