Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wild Child crosses the finish line!!!

This vibrant (understatement!) quilt began its life in Sisters, Oregon at Quilters' Affair.  I took a class from Scott Hansen the day before the quilt show in 2012.  The class was called Fireworks and the pattern is out of the book, "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin".  No kidding!  There is nothing 'grandmotherly' about this quilt which is based on the log cabin pattern.

I totally stepped out of my comfort zone with this project and ventured forth into the colourful world of Kaffe Fassett and his line of vivid fabrics.  I bought the fabric at Sisters Quilt Shop in Chehalis on the way down to Sisters.  I ended up hitting up my stash after I returned home as I moved towards finishing the blocks.  I needed to add a bit more value and different colours because the Kaffe fabrics I chose sorta all read 'medium' and there wasn't enough contrast between the blocks.

I had a total blast making this quilt and it is destined to hang in the Victoria Quilters' Guild 2014 Quilt Show next May.  And how cool is it that I already have one quilt ready to go for the show...12 months ahead of schedule!!!  I think I may just need to stand up and take a bow.  That has NEVER happened before and I'm quite chuffed with myself actually. Come to think of it,  I've actually got 2 quilts ready for the show and 1 left to do but I must not let this get to my head.

Oh yes, and before I forget to mention it, I've named this quilt "Wild Child".  I don't think I need to explain that one, do I??

Until next time,