Sunday, May 25, 2014

Free EQ7 download

I've been spending some time playing with my EQ7 (Electric Quilt) software.  My foot fracture of March 13, 2014 has officially healed but I still need to rest it after standing too long.  So when I'm sitting and elevating, I've usually got my laptop at the ready on which I design quilts using EQ7.

Yesterday my DH was watching Quantum of Solace, a James Bond movie.  I happened to look up from my laptop to notice this gorgeous tile floor.  And I had my iphone with me so I asked my hubster to rewind so I could snap a photo of the screen.  Quilters are famous for these type of scenarios right?  We see quilt patterns everywhere!

Anyway, so I set to playing.  This was my first drawing:

But I wasn't quite satisfied.  So then I switched it up to this:

I like this version much better!

So now I'm working on printing out the components to create it in cloth.  I will have to get the centre paper-pieced medallion printed at a print shop because it's 36 inches square.

I want to share this EQ7 pattern for those who have EQ.  You can access it on my free patterns and tutorials page here.

If you make this quilt, please send me a picture.

Now time to go and play with some real fabric...