Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hole in One!!

I had the privilege of attending a class taught by Bettye Sheppard yesterday.  Her pattern was called Hole in One.  It's a four-patch posie style design, a sort of stack'n'whack style quilt but done in squares which is much easier.

Here's some photos of the pattern and my quilt under construction:

I love my fabric!

After ripping our fabric to find true grain we looked for repeats and sliced strips!
Sub cut into 3.5" squares (strip set is 4 deep identical)
Stacks of four squares ready for twirling into kaleidoscopes
Sample block 
Making progress
All 48 blocks done.

What I noticed from the first block is that they remind me of Italian tiles.  I love it!

I will likely set my blocks 6 rows and 8 rows.  There is still the sashing to be added and the corner blocks.  I've not yet decided on my sashing fabrics.  The ones I initially chose may not do the quilt justice and I want it to really pop!

Not yet sure how I will finish this quilt.  Stay tuned for future posts!

It is a quick and easy quilt.  All the blocks were done in class between 10 am and 4 pm without breaking a sweat.  And there was plenty of gab time with the girls, and lunchtime when we sat and enjoyed some of Bettye's life stories.  If you ever get a chance to take one of Bettye's classes, do.  She's a great teacher!!

Until next time,