Monday, February 10, 2014

Moving on...

Good morning!  It's Family Day here in B.C. and a stat holiday for everyone except federal employees.  The dear posties will be delivering mail to closed businesses/provincial government offices.  It's the only stat holiday here that works that way.  I'm not sure why but feel for our postie who has to carry a heavy bag of mail around only to have to carry it back again.

I've planned our dinner to celebrate Family Day and have also spent some time in my sewing studio this weekend.

Firstly, I FINISHED my Celtic Solstice quilt (1 of 2 actually ~ the KING sized version is done).  It has now gone to Jeni Mummery of Quilted on the Rock studio for her to add her magic to it.  Here it is with the borders on.  I wanted to complete the white diamonds so I changed the border from Bonnie's original design to accomplish that:

I've totally strayed from Bonnie's colours. You can see her completed quilt HERE.

The backing is a taupe wide backing and it will fit in our bedroom beautifully.  We have dark blue carpet (not my choice) so this should tone it down with all that lovely chocolate.  I can hardly wait to see the quilt finished.

But now...moving on!!

This UFO has been around for about 3 years.

It's called "Tennessee Waltz" and I finished the quilt top last November at my quilt retreat.  The only thing remaining was the borders.  Determined to finish off another UFO before starting anything new, I decided that this needed to happen this weekend.

Again, the white compass units (?) didn't finish into the border and those are the kind of things that drive me buggy, so I was playing with the borders to see if I could accomplish this.


And let's see what we can do in the corners:

Oh yeah...that'll work!  I did a half square triangle unit with the aqua from the snowball in each of the corners.  Happy now...

As I was working on this quilt top to add the borders I received a facebook post from my cousin's daughter that my cousin had a fall on vacation and was being medivacced home.  She has 2 broken wrists, a broken elbow and a broken.  Wowsers!  That's a lot of misery and I do believe I know where this quilt should go.  I'm currently quilting it.  I loaded it on my B-line frame last night and got a couple of rows done. I'm trying to finish it tonight. It will go as 'show and share' to the guild meeting tomorrow and when it's bound and labelled it will be making a journey eastward to bring comfort to my dear cousin.

Until next time!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celtic Solstice (Winter Solstice) center is done!

TA DA !!!

I pushed through tonight to get the blocks together for the center of my Celtic Solstice quilt (Bonnie Hunter's mystery from

I've got my place reserved in line to have this mother of all quilts (it's huge!) machine quilted. There's to be no dilly dallying.  I'm thinking I'm going to change the borders slightly.  I saw someone's quilt on the facebook page for the mystery and she had completed the 'spikes' (see how they stop at the border on the tile blocks?) by eliminating the first neutral border that the pattern called for and putting the neutral spike facing out (every second row) thereby completing the four points around the tile.  The rest of the rust coloured tri-recs would be in between the neutral spikes, also pointing out.  So instead of the tri recs units swimming around the quilt,  they will be pointing outward. I wish I had a picture to show you.  Forgive me if I've confused you.  This brain is tired but it was a fun day getting the quilt top center piece done.

And Bonnie Hunter has arranged a 'linky' party on her blog so you can go back and look at all the different variations.  What a colourful world!

Oh yeah...congratulations Seahawks on an amazing win!

Until next time,