Sunday, April 30, 2023

A year ago today...

We were at a home fellowship gather this past Friday evening and the Father led us to a time of thanksgiving.  Sometimes, we are so busy going forward that we can sometimes miss the sweet memories that led us to where we are now.

A year ago we accepted an offer on our house and put that sold sign up.  We sold almost everything, bought an RV and truck in anticipation of a journey with God to parts unknown.

Boondocking at blueberry farm in Idaho

The day we took delivery of Max Blue (Aidan named the truck)

This post from March 31, 2022 tells the back story:  Dayspring Quilter On the Move

In hindsight, the Covid years were hard and took a toll on all of us.  We endured isolation, judgment, misunderstanding, lack of community and despair.  

We took a time out.  I put my quilting business on hiatus and my long arm in storage.  I spent two solid months scanning all the family photos.  We gifted some art pieces to friends.  We lived our last days in the house minus livingroom furniture but happy on lawn chairs. We packed a storage locker with our remaining precious items. We arranged for care for our doggies.  We had a hard but sweet goodbye with our son who wanted to remain in Victoria.  He had lived with us for 30 years and he said it was time for him to find his own way.   We stepped out in faith that God was leading us, all of us, and in hindsight we can say He certainly was.

Lovely farewell picnic before we left Victoria

And here we are a year later.  We are in a wonderful Church community, living in a beautiful part of the USA (Eastern Tennessee), with a new son-in-law and a new grandchild on the way, a new quilting studio and fabric store underway (The Stitchery LLC).  We are on a two year visa which is extendable so Tennessee is now home.  We sure didn't see that coming but are very thankful for where He led us and the spiritual journey that got us here. To God by the glory!!

The Lord has done so much work in our hearts with healing, recalibration, and restoration, that it was wonderful to pause on Friday night and speak out those prayers of thanksgiving.

Wow!  What a ride it has been.