Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Seaside Habitat

Well, it has been month and a half since we've moved into our new abode.  We have been BUSY!!  All the packing I did over 3 months was unpacked (most of it anyway) in 3 days!  There are still some items that need homes but essentially we are in our new living space and it feels like home.  Most of the man cave stuff has not yet been unpacked but that's not essential to day to day living.

Our dogs seemed to settle in right away.

We've covered the leather chairs to avoid them getting ripped by doggies looking out the picture window at squirrels.  We call it Squirrel TV. 

 I spent some time fretting that they would be traumatized first by not having us with them for a whole day (we sent them with a friend for the day for some non-chaotic time) and when they got to the new house they saw us and it was all well.  They have a smaller fenced hard and despite one run-in with a resident raccoon everything seems to be right in their world.  Big relief.

In my previous post you heard me make mention of my sewing room contents and whether they would fit into my new compact space.  I'm happy to report that my closets in the new laundry/sewing room have managed to contain everything, including the finished quilts which are in storage bags.

We have hung our artwork and my hubby helped hang my quilt in the front entryway.   This event had me overjoyed because it's a huge empty wall and the quilt fit the space perfectly without being draped over a rod.  SO HAPPY!  There is no doubt whose house you're in when you come in the front door.

My antique grandmother's flower garden is once again draped over the antique rocking chair. 

The last two weekends I've actually spent some time sewing again which has been wonderful. There has been so much to do that I  haven't felt the freedom to sew until last weekend. 

Before we moved I had a request from a friend to finish off a lap quilt started by her dear momma who is having her 94th birthday at the end of September.  She was an avid quilter but can no longer quilt. I finished her quilt last weekend and it was given to her mom who thought it had long since been given away to someone else. She was overjoyed that it found its way back to her. 

This is all hand quilted in a simple cross hatch pattern. 

When that was done I attacked my 2" scrap bin with a view to making a simple scrappy rail fence quilt. These blocks are 5".  I just wanted some mindless sewing so these strip sets were perfect.  

And today I was overjoyed to finish piecing my first one block wonder. 

I still need to add the borders. I don't have enough of the feature fabric for an inner frame so I'm not yet sure how I will finish it.  I will spend some time on Pinterest to get some ideas. Until then, I'm doing a happy dance that I got it this far since it's a couple of years old. 

So that's where this quilter is at. Settled into my seaside habitat and finding my quilting mojo again.  My new cover photo is taken on the seaside path at the bottom of our street.  We walk here (almost) daily with the dogs. Life is good.

Until next time,