Friday, October 8, 2021

Latest pattern - Outside the Box

My life is crazy.  I took an early medical retirement in 2018 and started my long arm business ahead of schedule.  It was the retirement plan but I didn't anticipate leaving work as early as I did.  Besides long arm quilting, making my own patchwork, and family stuff  I manage to squeeze in a few quilt designs here and there.  This summer I've created a few, one which I pieced (this one) and one which I had a pattern tester piece for me (stay tuned!).  

Designing, piecing, quilting and binding is the easy part.  Writing up the directions is something I find more taxing and that part is still in process.  It involves math (the yucky part).  When it's published in my ETSY SHOP I will write another blog post.  But for now, let's show you this baby!

It was going to be called Man Cave but the end result with the bright purple and bubble fabric wasn't too masculine so then I posted a contest on my INSTAGRAM and Outside the Box was the winner.  All those who submitted suggestions will be receiving the free digital pattern when it's published.  Hang on peeps, I'm almost there!

I quilted it with a pantograph called "Oval" which resembles a cobblestone street (in my opinion anyway).

I now just need to bind it, photograph it, crunch the numbers, write the instructions and get this one published.  Target is for the end of October.  Stay tuned!  I'm going to offer an introductory price of $9.00 Canadian too.

Off to get this one bound!