Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Quilt done!

At long the design wall (which had to be packed up for listing the house) and into the UFO bin....and then finished!!

I had a wonderful day of sewing with my gal pals (aka Parks Girls) yesterday and managed to sandwich this quilt using fusible batting and then machine quilted it on my Janome Gem. I wasn't as easy as using my Janome 6500 with the room but I did it!

I finished it just before midnight last night (the binding and the label) and feel great that I can cross another one off the list. Dear little Olivia turns 1 on July 18th so I would love to get this to her while she is still a baby!

Quilty hugs,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something to ponder...

So, with our upcoming sale of Dayspring Farm can I really call myself Dayspring Quilter still??

Perhaps I need to reinvent my blog under a new name?

What do you all think?


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quilting Hiatus (forced)

The word `forced` is a cruel word. And in this instance it`s probably too strong a word. Maybe `self inflicted` is a more accurate description of where I find myself.

You see, we are in the midst of getting our home ready to list for sale. This means that now that the thread is off the carpet in my sewing room and all the projects are neatly containerized, I need to put my energies into decolourizing my home. Neutral is in apparently...stark neutral. White. You know how quilters love colour? Well my green bathroom is now white; my oak bathroom cabinets, in all but one of the bathrooms, are now white with silver handles (they look stunning; I must confess!). My red walls in my bedroom with gold faux finish (think asian) will soon be white. The carpet is dark blue.

I still indulge in quilting blogs and magazine reads whilst relaxing (and those times seem too few and far between) so as not to lose my quilting inspiration.

But for now duty calls. We have a huge house and I will be thankful to downsize to something more manageable (three floors and health issues means we are now looking for a rancher). Less house to manage means more quilting time I figure, and that`s always good.

Please send me your pictures friends. I`d love to see what my quilting sisters are up to and to maintain some much needed inspiration.

The green and brown quilt that is in my previous post which was a twin will now be a queen so I`ve had to take apart the borders and add some rows to make it big enough. My DS will be getting a queen bed in our new house. And in my own way of justifying quilting time this is an allowable expenditure of time and energy in our staging process. Why? Because it needs to go on DS`s bed for staging.

Maybe I`ll post some before and after pictures of my bedroom. I think I`m going to love my white bedroom with my celtic knot quilt. Maybe it will go from red white and blue to white and blue with hints of red. I was done with the red anyway. No biggy.

Have a great remaining day of this lovely weekend friends.

Until next time - quilty hugs,