Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New member of the family! Meet Millie

I took the leap!!  I have been mulling purchase over for a long time...like five years!  I've talked myself out of it plenty of times. 

Then I turned 60 (epiphany birthday in some ways) and realized that long arm quilting would be a great retirement job.  If I start now, by the time I'm ready to retire hopefully my business will be established and it will be a great transition away from law to working from home.  It was my family that convinced me that it was such a good idea that they would give up the dining room to make this dream happen.

So I re-established my contact with the APQS dealer and the deal was done. My hubby and son got it set up and then the setup of the Quiltpath computerized quilting software and the training was scheduled.  This was great timing as my daughter and I had produced four quilts (see last post) that needed quilting in time for Christmas.

Like a kid at Christmas, I couldn't wait to play with my new machine so we set about quilting right away.

Here are some pictures of those first quilts:

Waltz Around the World - we had our training on this quilt
Daughter doing free motion before training.  We just couldn't wait!

Charity quilt finally getting finished!

Quilt path software is amazing.  There is a learning curve however.

Now to start quilting the Christmas quilts!  Bossa Nova pantograph

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So there's a sampling of our first quilts off Millie.  Stay tuned for further long arm adventures.