Sunday, June 6, 2010

Retreats and Road Trips!!

I've been feverishly working at getting my "Buckeye Beauty" pieced together.  We are giving the Queen Suite in the B&B a makeover.  My Double Delight (mentioned in the previous post) is on the twin bed and I'm loving the country look of it in that room.  The Queen Bed is next.  The Buckeye Beauty finishes at 94 inches square and looks gorgeous in that room in its blue, tan and brown colour scheme.  My son said it reminded him of the beach, dark blue for the ocean, light blue for the sky, tan/brown  for the sand.  Now that you mention it, I think he's right!

My dear friend Shirley helped me sandwich and baste it yesterday.  Now it is folded and ready to be carted upstairs to my studio where I will lovingly add the stitches to make it a quilt.  After all, it isn't a quilt until it's quilted, right?

I really want to have it done by June 17th as we have guests checking into that suite on the 17th and it would make me so happy to have the makeover done by then.  Then of course a photo shoot will follow to update the website.

I don't have very many days to get the quilting done as I am joining the same friend Shirley at Pearson College in Metchosin for our annual Quilting in the Trees retreat.  Thursday until Sunday with creativity, classes and someone cooking for me.  If the weather cooperates and it's warm and dry it will be another perfect retreat. 

In July I am going a my first ever bus trip to Sisters, Oregon for the outdoor quilt show.  My dear friend Jan will be joining me on this adventure. 

I will be posting a picture of the finished Buckeye Beauty hopefully before I leave on the retreat.

Until then I'm praying for Godspeed in my studio as I finish this quilt.

Until next time,