Monday, June 18, 2018

Busy Hands and Grateful Heart

There has been lots happening on the home front since we returned from Quilt Market, not the least of which has been the arrival of some gorgeous wide backs for sale to longarm customers and our Glide thread order. I was taking inventory last night and when I opened box number 3 it contained all my favourite colours from pinks to teals to gorgeous shades of purple. Check these out!
I'm hoping to finish uploading the inventory to the website by tonight so you can take a gander for yourself.

We've also added some great notions that we discovered at Quilt Market, namely the Wooly Wonder Felted mats. Have you seen these? The wool ends up taking the heat and shooting it back up to what you're pressing so it's like ironing the front and back at the same time. AND they have a a Big Board size which I scooped up right away because the surface on my Big Board was not great. I bought one extra to sell. And we have some of the table top sizes to sell as well.  They will be on the shop page as soon as these fingers can get them loaded.
Big Board Version - I love it!
13 1/2" X 13 1/2" Table top version. Perfect for beside your machine.

Lastly, we decided to source out some wide backing.  I always seem to stall after the quilt top is sewn due to lack of backing.  There must be others like me!  So we decided to start with two colours to see if there's a demand for it.  The quality is great and the colours are very vibrant.  We haven't added these to the shop page yet and are still pricing it all out for you but if you would like to add it to your long arm quilting order please call or email me and I will let you know pricing, etc. This is the sneak peak...
Yummy right!? 108" wide. Just two bolts for now...grey & teal
That's about all the excitement I can share at the moment.  Check back to the website often and I'll try and post to instagram and facebook when the shop is completely updated.

Enjoy the sunshine and I'll talk to you all later!