Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Update from my sewing nook - RV quilting!

I think it's time for an update from my sewing room (nook).

There has been some piecing in 2023 but no quilting completions until I have my storefront space and machines set up.  Then I will take a victory lap.  So for now, it's just piecing and pattern designing.

"Sew in Love" quilt

I did this class with my friend Sandi at Lana's Quilts and Sew Much More over 10 weeks.  It is an Edyta Sitar pattern.  It was challenging but we got our blocks done.  Now for the borders.  I have everything cut out.  I just have to get it done.

My hand sewing project, La Passion Hexagon quilt gets some attention from time to time.  This is a lifetime project.  I fit in stitching every so often and sometimes take it to church with me for in between the service and the afternoon Midrash.  I'm currently working on the outer blue border.

Progress shots on my La Passion Hexagon Quilt.

I started this Time After Time sew-a-long with Sharon Blackmore of Prairie Quilt Militia back in  the fall when we arrived here in Tennessee.  The fabrics were purchased at Lana's also.  I am very near finishing.  I just have to press, trim and add the borders.  I'm excited to get my long arm machines set up so I can get back to quilting these treasures.  I already have a recipient in mind for this one.

Aside from these projects I have been working on two baby quilts.

The lighting is bad in the RV but I hope you can get the idea.  This is "Boxy Stars", a free pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  There is a funny story attached to this one.  I prepared this kit before we left Victoria.  I thought it would be a good one for RV sewing.   I made two blocks before we left to test my colors.  I did the remaining blocks months later (August 2022) and I made them with the fabric values in the wrong place.  So I initially thought I had 2 blocks wrong.  But I in fact had 2 right and the rest wrong.

Do you see how the value placement on the two on the left makes darker star points?  That's what I was going for.  And since I had precut this 'kit' to take on the road, I didn't have any fabric to fix the problem, so I just had to roll with it.  I figure the baby who receives this quilt won't know the difference.

Then I found some pre cut 2 1/2" squares in a quilt shop in Texas.  I set them aside.  One day I just wanted a quick and easy thing to sew so I decided to make another baby quilt.

I have purchased some aqua for the border of this one and some minky style backing.  This one will be for my new grandbaby due in October.

It hasn't been a very productive year so far but I've enjoyed the piecing time I've had and am now getting excited about getting those quilting machines set up and ready to stitch.

Thanks for following!