Thursday, April 21, 2022


Our house has sold and the completion date is June 24, 2022.  A lot of people thought it happened very quickly, but anyone who has lived in a staged house knows it never feels quick.  But it's done and we have a closing date to look forward to.  We are now proceeding to do the real hard work.....cull through decades of stuff and make decisions.

Keep (means storage or goes in the RV with us on the road).  Storage is expensive so some hard decisions need to be made.  RV space is limited too.

Sell (garage sale this Sunday from 10-3).  We have a lot of household goods, some furniture (some will be kept to use until closer to closing), outdoor tools and equipment, bbqs, camping stuff, artwork and decor, crafting supplies and more from my sewing room.  And Tools!  Tools and guy stuff and electronic stuff for days!

Donate (just when The Salvation Army on Vanalman forgot what we look like from the phase 1 shedding for staging we'll be back with further donations) 😁

Trash (trying really hard to avoid this as much as possible.)  Every time I go to the landfill I want to cry tears and apologize to God and the planet for adding to the pile.

We are also shopping for an RV.  I want to give a shoutout to Gary at Galaxy RV in Parksville.  He is a sweet and caring man who listens to what you need.  It has been a pleasure dealing with him.  On our way home from our weekend celebration in Qualicum, we stopped by and my grandson got to feed the bunnies when Gary brought out carrots to the two rabbits that were waiting at our feet to be fed.  They've got a good thing going there!  It was entirely adorable. 

You will be able to follow us here for the adventure and I'll upload some pictures of our Home on Wheels when it is here.

Until then, I have some stuff in the garage that needs going through for the sale on Sunday.  Wish me luck!  Goin in!