Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Dayspring Quilter on the move....

If you read my last few blog posts, I mentioned that we have listed our house for sale.  The biggest question I receive is "where are you moving to?"  And the real answer is "we don't know".  Am I worried?  Nope!

It's been a time of family reflection, prayer, faith, adjustment, recalibration, pause and adventure.  We are feeling the need for a pivot.  We have loved our time in Brentwood Bay and will miss this place a lot, but when you feel the Lord asking you to lay things down and trust Him, you know that He has something good in store.

I've 'paused' my quilting business and put my longarm in storage, we have staged the house and are in the cycle of showings hoping for that offer that we want.  We have felt that we are to follow the Lord one step at a time and not to go ahead of Him.  He is the one that directs our steps after all, so we would be wise to let Him lead us.  It's a daily surrender of our plans, hopes and dreams.  He knows them all and He is a good God.  That's all we need to know right now.

That's about all I can share at the moment.  We are planning on finding a condo and taking a road trip and spending some family time adventuring (daughter and grandson included) and you can be sure there will be travel blog posts coming and pictures but we really don't have anything mapped out so you will find out as we find out!

So if you're wondering why the quilting pictures have been paused, now you know.  Staging a house with an echo and less furniture is nice for awhile but I will be so happy to get back to stitching.  My featherweight is going on the road with us and so are my hexies. \o/

We will hope in the Lord for good things and are very excited to follow Him as we sojourn together as a family. You can follow us here for the adventure.

21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

The last adventure I took with the Lord like this was in 1984/85 when I was 27. I left my job and my condo, sold my car and lived on a Kibbutz in Israel for a year. It was one of the best years of my life and the relationships formed during that adventure are still precious to me.  In fact, I hope to connect face to face with some of these precious friends on our road trip. 


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  1. It is exciting to see someone totally listening to the voice of the Lord. I am excited to see the blessings in store for you.