Current Works in Progress


 The first four are my long term projects:

#1 - LA PASSION HEXAGON QUILT  - Pattern by Grit Kovacs

Grit's original version of La Passion

EQ7 drawing (half) of my La Passion Hexagon quilt colouring (ongoing)
My progress as of October 2020:

I'm getting there.  A LONG way to go but it's enjoyable, contemplative, and portable.

#2 - 365 Challenge Quilt
Pattern by Kathryn Kerr of Australia

My assembled center.  I do have a pile of blocks not yet sewn together.  I'm plugging along.  I didn't get it done in the first 365 days of 2019.  It would be great to get it done by Dec 31 2020.  We'll see!

#3 - AVES, also by Kathryn Kerr

And my progress to date:

These four projects have no end date in mind.  Aside from those long term projects, I have been working diligently at finishing my UFOs (unfinished works in progress) for the past two years.  The cupboards in my sewing room need to become uncrammed and creatively I would love to start on some new projects.

Quilt tops done and ready for quilting:

Current Piecing Projects:

These pictures are not of my progress but promotional pictures of the designs (Fons & Porter and Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville).  My piecing projects are pre cut and in bins ready for the RV adventure to commence beginning of July 2022.  In other words, they are going on the road with me during my sabbatical.

Libby's Log Cabin (Fons & Porter pattern)

Boxy Stars (By Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville)