Current Works in Progress


 The first three are my long term projects:

#1 - LA PASSION HEXAGON QUILT  - Pattern by Grit Kovacs

Grit's original version of La Passion

EQ7 drawing (half) of my La Passion Hexagon quilt colouring (ongoing)
My progress as of October 2020:

I'm getting there.  A LONG way to go but it's enjoyable, contemplative, and portable.

#2 - 365 Challenge Quilt
Pattern by Kathryn Kerr of Australia

My assembled center.  I do have a pile of blocks not yet sewn together.  I'm plugging along.  I didn't get it done in the first 365 days of 2019.  It would be great to get it done by Dec 31 2020.  We'll see!

#3 - AVES, also by Kathryn Kerr

And my progress to date:

These three projects have no end date in mind.  Aside from those long term projects, I have been working diligently at finishing my UFOs (unfinished works in progress) for the past two years.  The cupboards in my sewing room need to become uncrammed and creatively I would love to start on some new projects.