Sunday, August 23, 2009

Celtic Knot Mystery continues

I have to confess that the monotony of this quilt is getting to me a bit. The big reveal is coming soon as the final chunks will be uploaded from this Wednesday and probably the following Wednesday.

Me? I'm still on chunk 10!! But my friend Shirley, who is joining me on this quilting adventure, taught me a construction technique designed to speed up the sewing of the chunks. I decided if it's the first time I've seen this used, that there are probably countless others who need the same revelation. It's called a "web". I've snapped some photos along the way so this will be a photo essay on how to construct a 'web' which will then become a 'chunk' (in Lynne's language).

Step 1: Layout the squares on a table according to the grid for that chunk. DOUBLE-CHECK the layout. You will be sorry if you don't!

Step 2. Stack each vertical row from top to bottom so you have nice little piles.

Step 3: Pick up the first two piles and sew them together.

Step 4: Add the third vertical row. You will end up with a 'web' once you continue down the piles. Photo here:

See how when you chain piece them together you get little threads connecting the rows? Tada! No way of getting them in the wrong order if you've double checked your layout and carefully stacked your vertical rows.To the ironing board. Iron one row left and the next one right and they should interlock nicely for the horizontal sewing.

Here's a shot with them all done and laid out on the table to do another check before sewing the horizontal lines:

After the ironing, now comes the horizontal sewing. Carefully pin at every intersection so that you have nicely lined up strips. Sew, sew, sew until all the horizontal webs have been joined together.

Here are my finished blocks (not in the finished order) on my design wall (disregard the other quilt blocks (yellow & purple) behind...that's another project which will eventually have a blog entry of its very own.

This quilt is going to be gorgeous! Some of my fellow mystery-ites are doing two in tandem. I can hardly keep up with one! Part of my excuse is that during our heat wave, it was just too darn hot upstairs to sew, even with my friendly fan going. Much more temperate climate now and production is back on.

I have ordered the batting for this quilt ~ it's called "Fairfield - Polyfil Traditional batting". I have a friend going to Oregon who will pick it up for me at Fabric Depot. She happens to also be the one who will quilt it for me on her longarm. Here's a plug: Of course it will have to be king-sized for this huge quilt which will eventually adorn our own bed.

OK...that's all for now. Back to the up my Janome 6500 and I'm off to chunk 11...or is it 12?? I got 2 done yesterday. Let's see what today holds.


  1. I had to drop in and see your colors. I am excited now that we have seen the reveal. I need to get back to working on mine.

    I was going to share that I don't lay mine out first. I pre-cut the sqs and just grab and go. i sew mine in the 9 patch and then those into the chunk. takes about 20 min (give or take) per chunk. can't wait to see everones finished top. cw

  2. Wanted to let you know that debra is getting this pattern published. it should be available in dec 2010. I got to pattern test (this is strip pieced) and did the entire top in less then 8 hours-- funny b/c my first one took over a year- lol