Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 brings a new mystery

Well, it really started on the US Thanksgiving weekend when my friend Celia from Seattle arrived at our B&B for the weekend with her husband Howie and her Brother Embroidery/Sewing machine.  Celia always takes her machine on vacation with her.  I would too if I could get away with it. 

Celia had packed up enough quilting projects for two trips and she was raring to sew as soon as they settled in.  I knew we were in for a fun weekend.

About the same time, Bonnie Hunter of was announcing a new mystery quilt on her website.  She called the new quilt "Carolina Christmas".  In my most mischievous voice I asked Celia, "would you be interested in starting a mystery quilt with me this weekend?  It would mean, of course, that we have to go shopping...".  I didn't need to twist her arm much.  We set out to Cloth Castle just before they closed on either Thursday night or Friday night.

After we had acquired some fabric for her (OK and maybe a few fillers for me), we printed out the first clue in Bonnie's mystery and set to cutting.  Here are some photos of our time:

 Celia cutting her gold fabric for the mystery quilt.

Celia's greens, reds and neutrals

My non-scrappy #2 Carolina Christmas colours.

My half-scrappy, half controlled #1 Carolina Christmas colours.  Did I not mention I'm doing 2 of these?  The plan is to do 2 queens or maybe 1 queen and 1 king for the Queen and Princess or Queen and King suites of our B&B.

It doesn't look like much but these are my #1 gold and neutral step 1 units.  They aren't going to be four-patches.  They will be part of poinsettia units (not there yet but I peeked ahead!).

This is the same step 1 of my #2 CC fabrics.  I couldn't resist these fabrics when I saw them on sale at Fabricland at half off (which is why I'm now doing two).

And these are Celia's step 1 units (hers is scrappy).  Lovely tones...

I've moved beyond step one but haven't taken any more photos yet.  I've cut some green and I've cut some red and I've cut some more neutral.  I'm working on my poinsettia star units.

Bonnie's quilt is gorgeous and can be seen at Quiltville.  I'll upload some more pictures soon. 

And Celia and I are in contact from time to time to check on each other's progress.  It's not a race at all but it's nice to have a quilting partner to share this with!

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