Monday, August 2, 2010

Another UFO finished!!

I am more shocked than anyone that I have actually machine quilted two quilts in the month of July despite a full work day and a few guests visiting the B&B.

This latest one in yellow and purple (love, love, love that combo!) was started a few years back when Margaret Miller taught her "Strips that Sizzle" class here in Victoria.  The instructions were to choose two colour families (mine of course were yellow and purple) and in those families choose three different values.  There are a number of different layout options for this quilt.  It was on my design wall for a LONG time until I was satisfied that the quilt was talking to me.  I wanted it big enough for a bed quilt but I didn't want to introduce additional fabrics to make more blocks.
The result was adding a purple square to the center of each 'pinwheel'.  I liked it and the decision was made!  And I was amazed as I stood back and watched the yellow 'lattice' making a secondary design.

About half way through making the quilt top, I decided this quilt would be for my dear mother-in-law suffering from Alzheimers.  She is now in long term care (after living with us for about 9 years).  I wanted to make her a quilt that would brighten up her room.  If this sunshiney quilt doesn't do it then I don't think anything will.  I made the label large enough for her to read where it came from.  I know she doesn't understand that I made it for her.  It was just important for me to express my love for her with a handmade quilt and I pray that somehow she can feel its comfort.

And here it is ....


  1. It's beautiful and cheerful, I hope that your dear MIL gets some comfort from it.

  2. Very cheerful! She may not know you all the time but she'll feel the love that comes from it.

  3. It certainly is bright and cheerful! Even if she doesn't remember where it came from, it will still make her feel better. That quilt can make anybody feel better!