Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in and Sunday Night Project - Carolina Christmas

Friday Night Sew-in...was a bust.  I came home from work with a headache and was dizzy.  I opted to stay in bed and watch TV with my hubby and managed to ward off the flu.

Tonight, however, I'm working on my Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt from last November (Quiltville).  inI'm very close to being able to my blocks together and am very excited!!  I will be doing the 'sashed' version of the quilt to break up the noise of my fabric.  I think this quilt will be for the queen bed in our Queen Suite of our B&B (the Christmas quilt).  I love Bonnie Hunter's quilts.

208 half square triangles in red and my neutral.  I'm half-way through them and hope to get them all done tonight and pressed.  They will form part of the broken dishes block.

Not sure what these are called but there are plenty of them and they will go with the first blocks to form what Bonnie calls the "Fox and Geese" blocks.  They end up being the 'stars' in the quilt.

These next blocks are called Poinsettia blocks.  Four of them go together into each block.  I love them!

I can't find Bonnie's finished Carolina Christmas quilt on her Quiltville website but here's what I'm planning to do for my layout.  I love this quilt!

This one was done by "Illa" from my yahoo group.  Just love it!  Isn't it wintery??  Mine won't be as white as this but if it looks this good I'll be happy!!  Well done Illa.

This weekend I'm also working on knitting socks and various and sundry projects.  It must be autumn!!  And since the socks are for my DH and my DS and were supposed to be gifts for last Christmas I should really finish them soon.  It helps that my DD has taken up knitting so we now love to sit together with a cup of tea and visit and knit together.  I love that.  And she's looking for me now so I will hang up my stylo for the evening and shut down my sewing machine and join my daughter for the remainder of the evening.

Until next many projects, so little time!!


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