Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Quilt finished!!

Yay! I started this quilt last June at Quilting in the Trees, the Victoria Quilters' Guild annual summer retreat at Pearson College in Metchosin, BC. The class was taught by Arlene McKenzie and Kelly English and was entitled "Daystripper". I did two. Well...I actually did one, that's finished. The first one, complete with directional boo boos and a Plan B implementation is still in the UFO box.

But I digress. Here is my Baby Blue Daystripper now completed and ready to deliver to Baby Colton:

Me relaxing and finishing the binding

Ta da!!

The partially pieced back.  My family collectively thought it was just plain weird.

Closeup of the quilting.  This is the one where I had needle troubles and skipping stitches.  Solved with a Titanium needle.

Another closeup after machine washing and that lovely crinkled look
It's not perfect and I was really disappointed with the skipped stitches but finished is better than perfect and it is on its way to its forever home.  I hope Colton and his family like it.

The other boo boo daystipper is as I said still in the UFO box but now that I've got my new to me B-Line Quilting Frame almost set up, it too will be a finished quilt soon!

But tonight I'm pooped so it won't be finished before the weekend.  So much still to do to finish setting up the leaders on my new frame.  My DH has been so wonderful, even to the point of buying me some velcro strips to keep the bars secure on the table and some masking tape for the leaders.  The plan tonight was to head out to Fabricland to find some fabric for the leaders, but I'm just too pooped.  Last night was a bookkeeping night and I had busy brain and couldn't calm myself down to slumber mode until well past midnight.  That's way too late for a working woman.  So, tonight it will be rest.  Maybe there's a great TV program on.  It's stormy and wet outside.  There's no place I'd rather be than home, snuggled under a warm duvet + quilt.

Until next time, stay warm and keep quilting! 

Oh yes...and happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


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  1. Beautiful job on the quilt Mavis... and yes you are so right.. finished is better than perfect. Besides, it's the love that went into making it and the loving hugs it will give to the people who wrap themselves in it that counts.

    Go snuggle and get some rest. *hugs*