Thursday, June 14, 2012

Art Quilter: Laurie Swim

I had the privilege of finding and exploring the Art Quilt Gallery of the Atlantic which features the art quilts of Laurie Swim.  It's in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Me in front of one of Laurie's quilts.

The very talented Laurie Swim!  She posed in front of another one of her art quilts in the gallery.  She so inspired me that I'm going to break out of my role as a 'traditional quilter' and explore some art quilts.  I'm thinking of creating a quilt from this photo:

This is the potting shed on our hobby farm.  We jokingly call it our "Martha Stewart Potting Shed".  If I can successfully make a foray into the art quilt world, it would be fun to do a Dayspring Farm B&B series starting with these images.  I would combine the top photo with the side photo of the wagon wheel which looks so great when the flowers in the bed beneath it are in full bloom.

Anyway, wish me luck and inspiration as I fight my way out of the traditional box.  This should be fun!

Until next time,



  1. Your plantings are perfect! Such a lovely splash of color after winter's muted hues.

  2. What fun - art quilts are so creative. Looking forward to your quilt.
    That shed is fabulous!!