Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trip Around the World

We did a small makeover on our queen suite in our B&B.  I had a hand-quilted quilt on the twin bed in the Queen suite.  You can see the bottom of it on the twin bed on the right.  But the queen bed in the suite has this quilt on it.  We've removed the brass bed and made a new headboard.

I wanted to make something a bit more 'country' looking and I wanted it to be quick quilt.  So I made a Trip Around the World for the twin, in compatible colours to the quilt on the queen bed.  And as of tonight this is it now done and on the twin bed.  I quilted it on my frame with my Janome 6500.

A photo shoot tomorrow and the website will be updated to show the new quilt.

And that's quite enough for one day!  

I have another quilt back from the long arm quilter so I have another binding to finish and then there will be yet another UFO off the list!  Woot woot!!  Stay tuned for more pictures of another finish in a couple of days.

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  1. What a handsome Trip Around The World! It almost looks Navajo it's so bold and graphic, good job on the quilting, too!