Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's a WRAP!

Last night I finished sewing down the binding on my Easy Street mystery quilt (Bonnie Hunter's 2012 mystery quilt pattern).

Here it is:

Here's a closeup of the quilting done by Jeni Mummery of Quilted on the Rock:

And here's the binding being sewn down:

Wild backing fabric eh?  Very Art Deco but the colours worked perfectly and it was on the sale wall so I grabbed it while I could.  I had a slight mishap during the binding of the quilt.  Not a mishap with the quilt per se...but the thread:

At first glance, how does this hit you?  Unsure of what it is?  Well I will tell you.  It's what a bored Jack Russell can do to a Connecting Threads spool of thread when unsupervised for two minutes.  That's all it took.  I called her.  She didn't come.  Someone left the door open to the room where my quilt binding was in progress and she found it.  And she destroyed it in about as much time as it took me to find her.  No lie!

And here's the little angel herself:

Meet Sophie, the Destroyer!  Here she is snuggling down on my discarded ironing board cover.  I bought myself a new one and she thinks it's now her bed.  Just stay away from my thread little miss!

Anyway, after purchasing another spool the same colour locally, I managed to get Easy Street done.  I just have to add a label and then wrap it up for Christmas.  It's going to my nephew.  He's just purchased his first home so it's kind of a housewarming/Christmas present all wrapped into one.  I hope he enjoys it.  I sure loved making this quilt.

My next UFO to be tackled (in between mystery clues from Quiltville's 2013 mystery quilt called Celtic Solstice) is my Orca Bay:

I finished the body of the top last November, 2012, but haven't yet got the borders on.  I am going to push myself to get it done as early in the New Year as possible so that it's ready for the 2014 quilt show in May.

Until next time,


  1. :) Sweet Angel!!! My little pom chewed up my expensive wooden tatting shuttle a few years ago. We still love our little children. Nice job on Easy Street. Still need to sew the edging on mine and it is ready to quilt.

  2. Your Easy Street is fabulous, good job! I especially like that warm taupey grey that you chose as the constant, it works so well with the gold/red/blue colors. What a little devil Miss Sophie turned into and in just an instant, too! LOL! Exercise, exercise, exercise! Train her on a treadmill if you must, LOL!

  3. Your Easy Street is very striking...good color choices!

  4. Your quilts are beautiful! Looks like Sophie wanted mommy to have an excuse to go shopping at the quilt shop. Happy Holidays!