Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back at the machine!!

I'm now over a month post-op and very happy to have been able to resume piecing at my sewing machine. 

I feel like I've got quilter's ADD as I've got quite a few things started or underway or resumed. 

Firstly, I'm finished piecing these totally scrappy log cabin blocks. I bought the nine patches in the middle at a guild sale probably for a buck. Then I saw an idea posted on a Facebook quilting page to wrap the, lovingly in log cabin logs.  I'm not sure what I will do with this quilt but it's been s fun and mindless piecing project using up my 1 1/2" strip scraps. 

Secondly, I got the strips cut for my next quilt sample for my Amish block party original quilt design.

These are all laid out in order and will be stratas ready for subcut soon enough. More to follow on that project. 

Then I was inspired to pull out this UFO called The Flower Garden quilt. I had 7 blocks left in this block of the month project from a few years ago.

Here are a couple of my finished blocks:


Template piecing is not my favourite technique and this quilt is full of them.  I'm nearing completion...finally!!  I've got 5 blocks left to go and they are complex!!  I decided to spend the evening creating all the templates, and then worked on cutting the fabric for each block. 

So, I got all the templates done, and two blocks cut out and ready to go.  The plan is to finish cutting the fabric for them in the next few days and then all the roadblocks to completion will be dealt with. It has taken all the determination I could muster to push this through to completion. The instructions haven't been great, and the construction has been very fiddly and some blocks were even short. Thankfully I had enough sky fabric to enlarge the blocks as necessary without affecting the design. Phew! 

I'm sewing the floral 2 1/2 inch border squares together as leaders and enders in between the block components, thus maximizing efficiency and curbing thread wastage. 

I would be thrilled to have this quilt top put together this week. Then, if it's not too big for my frame, I am feeling like I want to custom quilt it on my b-line quilt frame with my Janome 6500. Wish me luck!!  I'm still recovery from hip surgery and this goal may be too lofty but you can rest assured that there will be naps when needed and physio exercises in between sewing and ironing. 

Until next time,


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  1. Welcome back! I'm so glad that you feel up to sewing again. Your projects look wonderful and I especially like the ninth log cabin blocks, very clever!