Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Wish List

This is the third instalment in the 2016 New Years Inventory.

On January 1st I shared my hand quilting projects and the extensive list of UFOs (including pictures!).  On January 2nd my post centered around the projects that I completed in 2015 and projects that I have set aside (lovingly referred to as PIGS - Projects in Grocery Sacks)  :).

Today I want to share my someday wish list.  These basically fall into two categories:- Bonnie Hunter quilts from her books and my own designs.  Some of my designs were inspired by others' quilt designs and others were from pictures or scenery.

From Bonnie's extensive collection I want to make the following (some of these are free patterns from her website while others are published in her pattern books, all of which I own!

If you are a fan/user of Pinterest, you can enter those names in to find the pictures. Google would also work if you don't have a Pinterest account. Click the links above to Bonnie's blog to see her links to the patterns.

All of the above patterns are scrappy which comes as no surprise to me.  I have bins and bins full of strips all cut down in preparation for our move last August.  Now I just need to turn them into quilts!  I love scrappy quilts!  And these designs of Bonnie's are just gorgeous.  Where to start!?

Here are a couple of ideas I've got for quilts.  The first one, Italian Tiles, is inspired by the blocks used by Bonnie Hunter in Celtic Solstice and Easy Street.  It basically combines some of the units Bonnie used in both quilts and I've added a trip around the world around the center medallion.

I also still have the following one on the list of someday quilts.  This one was inspired by a picture I saw on a James Bond movie called Quantum of Solace.  Hence the name of the quilt.

I may still try and get closer to the tile floor design but my attempt at EQ7 is  OK too I think.  We'll see.  No fabric has been chosen for his.  It's still just an idea.

And that's about all I can think of for this inventory process.  It has been an interesting exercise for me.  Now to get sewing!

Until next time,

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