Saturday, March 5, 2016

In my little corner of the world...

My hubby and I just got back from a walk through the local wooded off leash dog park.  I almost don't want to mention how warm and beautiful it is here knowing that our fellow Canadians on the eastern side of the country aren't enjoying the same weather.  It's a balmy 12.5 degrees C here and last I heard it was minus 17 degrees C in Toronto.  Ouch!

This is the same place we photographed my Amish Block Party quilt a few weeks ago.  It's a new favourite place of ours and it's just 5 minutes away from the house.  The dogs are also over the moon with it.

Now that we've had our exercise and fresh air, it's time to get back to my sewing room.  I'm working on another pattern design which I believe will be called "Waltz Around the World".  It's a combination of a Tennessee Waltz variation and a Trip Around the World.  Here's a sneak peak of my design wall:

Watch for the pattern on Craftsy (downloadable) or locally at Satin Moon Quilt Shop.

I best get back at it before this day slips away.

Until next time!


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