Friday, September 7, 2018

Hexie Journey

A few years ago in anticipation of hip surgery I decided to attempt my first hexie quilt project. I'm not sure how lucid my thinking was in choosing a project with over 17,000 half inch hexagons but I'm committed to it now (or maybe should be committed 😜). This is a drawing of half of my quilt.

I do enjoy hand sewing especially in front of the TV. But it seems to have taken years to get not that far on the project (step 2 to be exact) but I also have only worked on it in fits and starts.

I got this far before I realized that I wanted a constant colour in the centre section. So out with the purple. It was a bit tricky doing this delicate manoeuvre but I got it done.

Ah yes. Much better.

I've taken this project on two cruises now, one to the Mediterranean and more recently to Alaska. Some progress has been made but not a lot.

At some point in sewing these this last week I asked myself, "I wonder if hexies could be sewn by machine using invisifil thread?" So after doing some research online and seeing one video tutorial I decided to give it a try on a test flower.


The top one was sewn by hand doing the regular traditional English paper piecing (EPP). The bottom one was my tester done by machine using a small zigzag and invisifil. Nope. Can't live with it. Back to the s...l...o...w sewing. And I'm good with that.

Do you ever think there might be a more efficient way? I always do. I don't always experiment with my ideas but this time I did. This will be a lifetime project and there is no deadline. Filler project. Pour the wine and let's thread a needle. It's a Friday night. I've been on the computer all day and it's time to unplug and slow down.

Until next time,

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